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The Writer's Digest Podcast

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Ignite your creative vision.

Welcome to the Writer’s Digest Podcast! Hosted by Gabriela Pereira, this monthly podcast features interviews with experts and icons of the writing world whose insights will help ignite your creative vision, hone your skills, build your platform and get your work out into the world.

Check Out the Latest Episode

Episode 1: Introducing the Writer’s Digest Podcast — Interview with Jess Zafarris and Tyler Moss | Listen Here

Episode 2: Business Strategy for Writers — Interview with James Scott Bell

Episode 3: Writing and Publishing Short Stories and Essays — Interview with Windy Lynn Harris

Episode 4: The Writer’s Digest Podcast, Episode 4: Deconstructing Humor — Interview with Laurie Kilmartin

Episode 5: Children’s Literature and Diversity in Publishing — Interview with Patrice Caldwell

Episode 6: Jeff & Ann VanderMeer on Anthologies, the Genre Fiction Divide, and Deep Reading

Episode 7: The Writer’s Digest Podcast, Episode 7: Ask the Agent — Interview with Barbara Poelle

Episode 8: Interview with NaNoWriMo Executive Director Grant Faulkner

Episode 9: Using Your Words for the Power of Good — Interview with Heather Graham

Episode 10: The Art of the Graphic Memoir

Episode 11: Writing Technology Old and New

Episode 12: Writing for the Screen and the Page with Doug Richardson

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About The Writer's Digest Podcast

The Writer's Digest Podcast was created by Editor-in-Chief Tyler Moss, Content Strategist Jess Zafarris, and Gabriela Pereira of Continuing the legacy of nearly a century of interviews with iconic authors in Writer's Digest magazine, this podcast brings our core interviews with authors and writing experts to a new audience. Each episode will take a deep dive into the interviewees' areas of expertise in the writing world: improving your writing, getting your work out into the world, working with agents, navigating the publishing industry, and more.

About the Host

Gabriela Pereira is an author, speaker, and self-proclaimed word nerd whose book DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community from Writer’s Digest Books shows you how to recreate the Master of Fine Arts experience without going back to school. As the founder and instigator of, Gabriela’s mission is to empower writers to take an entrepreneurial approach to their education and professional growth. She earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School and teaches at national conferences, local workshops, and online. In addition to the Writer’s Digest Podcast, she also hosts the podcast DIY MFA Radio, where she interviews best-selling authors and book industry insiders about the art and business of writing.

Suggest a Guest

Have an idea for a potential speaker on the podcast? Let us know by emailing Jess Zafarris at Please send a detailed pitch with information about the potential speaker, his or her forthcoming work, and an explanation of why this person would provide information that Writer's Digest readers and listeners could use. We seek authors, editors, agents, screenwriters, publishers, poets and other participants in the writing world.

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What to Say When Someone Wants to Kill You | Power of Words

What to Say When Someone Wants to Kill You

Author Gregory Galloway shares an intimate moment in his life that taught him the power of words and reveals why he became a writer.

Writing About Real People in Historical Fiction: What Is Factual and What Is Imagined

Writing About Real People in Historical Fiction: What Is Factual and What Is Imagined

When writing about real people in a real time, how do you distinguish between what is true and what is imaginary? Patti Callahan discuss how to write about real people in historical fiction.

the fisherman

The Fisherman

Every writer needs a little inspiration once in a while. For today's prompt, write about a fisherman.

Jenny Bayliss: On the Power of Second Chances

Jenny Bayliss: On the Power of Second Chances

Author Jenny Bayliss discusses the process of writing her new romance novel, A Season for Second Chances.

A Few Tips for Writing Personal Essays

A Few Tips for Writing Personal Essays

Here are a few tips for writing personal essays from the Publishing Insights column of the March/April 2021 issue of Writer's Digest.

Dispel vs. Expel (Grammar Rules)

Dispel vs. Expel (Grammar Rules)

Let's look at the differences between dispel and expel with Grammar Rules from the Writer's Digest editors, including a few examples of correct usages.

Laura Davis: On the Story That Begged To Be Told

Laura Davis: On the Story That Begged To Be Told

Author and writing instructor Laura Davis discusses the process of starting, stopping, and starting again with her new memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars.

From Our Readers

Which Writer or Work Made You Think About Point of View in a Different Way and Why?: From Our Readers (Comment for a Chance at Publication)

This post announces our latest From Our Readers question: Which writer or work made you think about point of view in a different way and why? Comment for a chance at publication in a future issue of Writer's Digest.

4 Tips on Research for Writing Novels and Stories Beyond Getting the Facts Right

4 Tips on Research for Writing Novels and Stories Beyond Getting the Facts Right

The kind of research you do can make or break your story's authenticity. Author Blake Sanz offers 4 tips on research for your novels and stories beyond getting the facts right.