April PAD Challenge: Day 8

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Eight rhymes with great, which is what you are if you've been keeping up with the PAD challenge so far. Today is a Tuesday--sooooooo, that means you will get to choose from two prompts this morning. Actually, you'll get to choose from two paintings, because today's prompt asks you to write a poem that is inspired by one of the two paintings linked below. Please indicate the title of the painting or the artist's name somewhere in your comment as well. Of course, there is also the possibility that you could blend the two together. Hmmm...

Anyway, here are the paintings:

Painting #1: Piazza d'Italia, by Giorgio de Chirico

Painting #2: The Little Deer, by Frida Kahlo

And here is my little poem (size doesn't matter, does it?), which is inspired by Painting #1.

"Piazza d'Italia"

Everything felt off that day. Maybe in the distance
the perspective bent the two men into a handshake
beside the lazy statue. Maybe the green sky told
the train to arrive beside the columns, beneath
yellow flags. Maybe we hid ourselves from the sun.