April PAD Challenge: Day 6

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As mentioned in the previous post, today's prompt involves recording all the details of your day and generating a poem from that material. To make the poem interesting, you probably do NOT want to just list out everything from the beginning of the day to the end. But then again, you could prove me wrong on that--list poems can be very effective and engaging when done right.

As far as myself, here's what I came up with today on my way up from Tennessee to Ohio:

"We woke up and fell asleep"

"Sleep pretty darling--do not cry--and I will sing a lullaby."
-the Beatles "Golden Slumbers"

We are born every morning
with or without the ones we love.
She smiles and tells me the world
can wait before we walk the dog.
Then, we dress and go to church.
Faith is surrender, says the pastor.
We are all raised from the dead.
She hands me her pen when I can't
find mine. We sing a few hymns.
Then, we eat lunch. Surrender is
lying on my back and listening
to her write; surrender is driving
north as she heads south mouthing
I love you.


I hope everyone had a great weekend. And I'm proud of everyone who's made it this far in the challenge. We're now 20% of the way there!