April PAD Challenge: Day 5 (& possibly 6)

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Okay, apparently libraries are not open in Eastern Tennessee on Saturdays. I'm currently coming to you live from an arcade in a tiny mall on the main strip of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Woo-hoo!

The Day 5 prompt is to write a poem of worry. Also known as a worry poem. Anything that causes you worry can be used to help you write this poem. For instance, are you worried about clowns? Because I know I am. Write a poem about your worry of clowns.

Here's what I've got for today--written across the street at the Gatlinburg Pizza Hut. :)

"Gone Fishing"

And when we got back,
there was a message waiting for me,
but I was told to sit down first,
it was something bad,
and so I knew it had to be something to do with my wife,
or with our son she'd been carrying for six months;
I knew it had something to do with one of them,
or both of them;
that's the only reason someone would call
up to these fishing cabins in Canada--
because no one had ever called in more than 20 years
of fishing trips.
So I knew it was something bad--
they were both dead--
in a traffic accident--
or she lost Ben in some complication--
or Ben was born but she was dead.
I knew;
I knew;
it was something bad,
but I breathed a sigh of relief
when I realized
it was just my grandfather who'd died.

Now this story above is true. The poem is bad. But I should mention that I immediately felt guilty and cried myself to death while taking a shower before driving from Northern Canada to where I am today--Eastern Tennessee. But for a brief moment I was so concerned with my family unit that I did have a moment of relief that it wasn't one of them. Okay--enough of that. Heavy stuff.


Day 6's prompt needs a little warning, because it is a prompt where you record events that happen to you during the day and then create a poem from them. I'm going to post my poem sometime tomorrow, though I don't know if it will be in the morning, day time or evening. I will be back in Ohio tomorrow night--so if I can't find a connection before then, well, you know. Keep an eye out for me. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I know I am. Now, time to head up into the mountains and hike around.