April PAD Challenge: Day 13

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Heart. There has been a lot of heart on display in your poems this month. I just wanted to get that out there and say, "Thank you." It's been a real pleasure this month to wonder how you'll put life to each of my prompts, and y'all never let me down. And I think we're synchronizing a bit.

For instance, Jay Sizemore sent me a message on Facebook late last night mentioning it would be really cool if I could put together a music-response prompt someday this month. I'm glad he thinks so, because...

Today's prompt is to write a poem based off your response to a song. You get to pick the song, but I ask that you please indicate which song sparked the poem. You can do this by quoting a line or two from the song between the title and poem--as I've done a few times this month; or you can just put the song title and artist in parentheses after the poem.

I'm really interested in reading your poems for today's prompt, but I'm just as interested in seeing which songs everyone chooses. As you may have noticed from some of my recent poems quoting songs by The Beatles, I've been listening to Abbey Road quite a bit lately, which is why today's music-response poem is inspired by The Shins' "Sleeping Lessons."

"After April, there's always May"

"So enlist every ounce of your bright blood and off with their heads."
-the Shins, "Sleeping Lessons"

I wait for dandelions
and dream of seeds spreading
yellow through the grass.
There are reasons to forgive
invasion and the messing
up of perfection. Lawns
and lazy afternoons,
my thumb against stem,
want to break loose.