2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 4

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Since we're working toward completing a chapbook during this challenge, I should mention that I still have around 15 or so copies of my limited edition chapbook ESCAPE available. ESCAPE collects 22 poems (many that found homes in publications) written around a loose form and theme. Readers have said the poems "are on fire" and that it's even better than my earlier sold out ENTER collection. If you're interested, you can reserve a copy of ESCAPE by sending an e-mail to robertleebrewer@gmail.com with the subject line: I Need an Escape. The book costs $10 (including shipping to anywhere in the world). Click here to read one of the poems from the collection

ESCAPE chapbook


For today's prompt, write a poem about finding something unexpected. Maybe it's a note from a friend or a bag filled with money (or guns). Maybe it's finding a lover with someone who's not you. Or finding a secluded place to sit in the middle of the forest and think.

Here's my attempt:

"Too Good to Be True"

When you find a great house that seems too good
to be true (for the price), odds are above
average that it's haunted. Maybe love
drove the husband mad or the neighborhood
harbors a secret. Tragic accidents
are possible as well. Or a graveyard
was disturbed by a part of its backyard,
and you'll need a priest to read sacraments.
But seriously, there is most likely
something wrong, especially if the schools
are wonderful and electricity
and pipes all work. Don't let yourself be fooled
by a dream house that's too good to be true,
because it could someday be haunting you.


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While you're there, discuss the challenge and poetry with the #novpad hashtag.


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