2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge Rules

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First off, the November PAD Chapbook Challenge is all about the fun and
poeming! During the month of November, don't worry so much about finished
drafts; just get the rough drafts cranked out each day. After all, you've got
December (and the rest of your life, for that matter) to edit.

That said, let's bring on the bulleted list:

  • You do NOT have to register anywhere to participate in the challenge.
    (Though if you want updates from the blog each day, you can sign up for an
    e-mail update or via RSS in the upper left-hand corner over there.)
  • The Challenge will begin at some point on the morning of November 1 (Eastern Time
    U.S.). The time can vary, but don't worry if your day is ending as this blog's
    is beginning, because...
  • The Challenge will continue until noon (Eastern Time U.S.) on December 1.
  • Beginning December 1, all participants will have the month of December to
    revise and organize their November poems into manuscripts of 10-20 pages (no
    more than one poem per page, though it's okay to have one poem that runs for
    multiple pages).
  • By midnight January 5, 2011, poets will need to e-mail their manuscripts
    (saved as either .doc or .txt) to me at robert.brewer@fwmedia.com with the
    subject line: My 2010 November PAD Chapbook MS
  • Poets do not have to post their poems to the blog to participate, BUT it's a
    lot more fun for everyone if you do. (And remember: This is all about fun and
    poeming, yo!)
  • I'll go through the manuscripts with the assistance of my wife, Tammy Foster
    Brewer (who's actually had two chapbooks published now, so she's kinda like an
    expert), and we'll announce a winner on Groundhog Day 2011.

This is the official rules post, so if I've overlooked anything, I'll make updates to this post (and date it at the top of the page). Please spread the word and let the anticipation build.

Can't wait to see
everyone in November!


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