2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5

Publish date:

For today's prompt, write a metamorphosis poem. This is an excellent opportunity to use metaphors and/or show changes in a season, person, animal, plant, or whatever. (Hopefully, everyone won't turn themselves into Kafka-esque roaches.)

Here's my attempt:


As a boy, I flew through clouds and jumped across boulders
without worrying about gravity. But then,
I realized--as if I were a cartoon character suspended in air--
boys turn into men. It's not pretty, and I
searched out all the exits, but they were chained and locked.
Still, there are worse things than not being
able to fly. Now I can see past mountains and rivers and open
fields. Even with glasses, my vision travels
past outer space to the place where the universe expands,
and I am again a boy who's happy and free.


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