2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 1

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Today begins our 30-day journey! If you're unsure of the rules for this challenge, click here. I'm pretty flexible on things, but just contact me if you're really worried about something either in the rules or not in the rules.


Usually, I kick off these challenges with some kind of get started prompt, but not this time.

For today's prompt, I want poets to take one step back and write a "closing the door" or "turning the page" poem. Feel encouraged to get creative with today's prompt (and the other 29 prompts--for that matter), but here's how I interpret this prompt: a poem that looks at where a person (or animal or thing) was and finds resolution with the fact that things won't be that way again.

If you see another opportunity that has nothing to do with my interpretation, then write that poem. Okay, enough talking; let's poem!

Here's my attempt:

"On the morning after"

Abandon this placard and grab the next;
there's always a new sign to carry us
to our secret destination. Forget
the map and hold this compass to your heart.
I understand your fear but don't agree.


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