The Pedestal Magazine: Market Spotlight

For this week's market spotlight, we look at The Pedestal Magazine, an online poetry publication. Currently open for submissions May 11-31, 2020.
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The Pedestal Magazine is an online poetry publication. It was founded by managing editor John Amen, who has had several poetry collections published. In addition to Amen, there are three other poetry editors as well.

(New England Review: Market Spotlight.)

The editors say, "As editors of Pedestal Magazine, we intend to support both established and burgeoning writers. We are committed to promoting artistic diversity and celebrating the voice of the individual."


They pay $50 per accepted poem.

What They’re Looking For

The Pedestal Magazine is currently open for poetry submissions for its June issue between May 11-31. The theme for the issue is "a lament for the earth" and/or "a song of resilience." No restrictions on style, length, or genre.

The editors say, "Poets are invited to address themes directly or obliquely, imagistically or narratively, in personal terms or in terms of cultural and global concerns. Broad and innovative responses and interpretations are welcome."

How to Submit

Potential writers can submit up to 5 poems online via their Submittable page. Their current submission period is open May 11-31, 2020.

Click here to learn more and submit.



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