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November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 26

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Okay, after today's poem, there are only four days left for the November challenge. We're sooooo close. And, yes, for those of us living in the States, there's that little turkey-themed holiday tomorrow and the biggest shopping-sale day of the year follows directly on its heels. I guess that's why this is called a challenge, huh? My recommendation for tomorrow: Write the poem first, then dig into the turkey (and take that Thanksgiving Day nap).

For today's poem, I want you to write a call-to-action piece that is related to your theme. Your call-to-action can be stated directly in the poem, or a more powerful way to attack this poem is to do it indirectly. Think of how The Jungle led to the establishment of the FDA and Bambi led to an interest in animal rights.

Here's my attempt for the day:

"Mommy, Daddy"

I heard a shuffling sound in the closet
things getting knocked around
and I can't get to sleep
unless you check it out
or let me sleep with you
and don't you tell me that it has to do
with all them monster movies
you let me watch
because them monster movies are not
about things hiding in an 8-year-old's closet
are they?