New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2017? Post them here and then at the end of the year, I’ll feature this in the newsletter and ask you to check in to see which ones you’ve accomplished and reflect on your writing year.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.


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48 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

  1. rsaval1989

    I have a couple of new years resolutions. Well technically they’re rolled over from 2016. Hopefully this is the year when I get them done. Here they are:

    1. Develop a daily writing practice (and stick to it).
    2. Write 500 words or more per day.
    3. Read 1-2 books a month in genres I wouldn’t normally read.
    4. Decide on which genres to focus my writing on (fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, YA dystopia, etc.)
    5. Write 10 short stories and submit the better ones for publication/contests.
    6. Be more disciplined and develop a unique writer’s voice.
    7. Complete one to two fiction novel manuscripts.
    8. Lose 40 more pounds and gain 10 pounds of muscle.
    9. Finish my dual-degree MBA/MPH graduate degree and find a steady job.

  2. DailyProffet

    In 2017 I will finish a novel, write that story I promised I would, stick to a daily writing schedule, stop procrastinating, read more, get better grades, get a job, get my driver’s license, and build a stable foundation for my very near future, both life-wise and writing career-wise.

  3. glgrogan

    I don’t believe in setting resolutions; I set goals. My 2017 Goals are:
    1. Lose 50 lbs
    2. Clean/Organize at least 50% of basement
    3. Clean/Organize my deceased husband’s office
    4. Yard/Garden’s cleaned up
    5. Photography — minimum 6 hours per week on various aspects of photography (I am photographer
    and writer)
    6. Writing — minimum 6 hours per week on various aspects of writing — includes completing first draft of book I am writing on, exploring freelance ops and writing contests
    7. Learning about financial investments — stocks, annuities, IRAs, etc. (my husband had always handled these things)
    8. Read at least 26 books during the year.

  4. kittycat4ever

    I am now 30 years old, while I don’t know exactly how I am going to get there, I do know what I want. I know what works for me and what doesn’t because I finally know who I am. I am finally okay with me.

    In 2017 I shall be kind to myself. I give myself permission to love myself as I am. To cut toxic people from life, even if they are family. To cut lose that friend who remembers me when they need something but forgets the rest of the time.

    In 2017 I give myself the freedom to say YES and go out with friends more often. To meet new people. To try new foods. To do things I have never done. My grandfather told me at the end of his life that he greatest regret is the things he never did. The things he never saw and I don’t want that for myself.

    In 2017 I will push myself to be healthier. To walk a little further, to choose the healthier options more often, and to be more active with the fun things I enjoy rather than trying to force myself into the gym that I hate.

    In 2017 I will be the best me I can be and I will have adventures. I will be courageous. Most importantly I will be happy. Blessings of light to you and I and all we care for.

  5. Jwinsell

    Everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions, but I always break them in one way or another, so I am making New Year changes in my life. I want to journal everyday to God. This will bring me closer to Him, but also helps me put words to what I am thinking and feeling in my life. I want God to be first, so I must choose to put him first.

    I need to make some healthy lifestyle changes that include more water/less soda, more vegetable/less fried and fast foods, more exercise/less Netflix binging, more life expectancy/less life draining activities.

    I want to write everyday in 2017, even if it’s just something like this. I want to finish my second novel’s edits so that I can publish it. I want to finish my third novel in revamping so that I can really tear into editing it and getting it ready for publication. I want to edit my newest book series so that they are ready for conference in May. I am going to own my own website and domain so that I can truly be a professional author. My blogging and book reviewing will be back up by February, so people can hopefully find some nugget of value in the information I post. My writing is going to soar, so look out for it.

    These are the changes I plan to make in 2017!

    1. ppfautsch24

      On the night to seal the new year with a kiss, some look to kiss bad habits goodbye and make resolutions to improve themselves in 2017. I find myself wanting to enjoy my basket of “many sort of things”. My cozy pajamas, bath salts, candles, comfort food, and delicious desserts! Yes, all the girly girl sort of things! Sure, there are many other things I enjoy and appreciate, but this year I am going to make a note each day of things that I enjoyed or happened that day. I am going to enjoy and appreciate the simple things about me and my many sort of things, which include my family and friends!
      But, I do have some writing goals/resolutions too:
      Write a poem a week
      Submit at least four poems a month
      Get my blog up and running monthly
      Finalize my trilogy and get published
      Get Michelle Obama arms again
      Spread love and smiles
      Happy New Year!

  6. thewritinggirls

    I don’t usually make resolutions. I don’t like to have promises hanging over my head that I cannot keep. I even only make promises to my 3 kiddos at a level that are able to be kept. It isn’t that I cannot keep them, but sometimes life gets in the way and then the guilt follows.
    What I would love to do for 2017 would only be:
    1. Keep my marriage in tact. I know that this is a job for both of us, and it’s usually only a one-way street as far as trying to keep things afloat go, but I am hoping for a change of heart by my husband.
    2. Write more and work more on getting published.
    3. Crochet more. I know it seems minimal compared to the first and second items, but it is a source of income for my little family and I’ve been procrastinating on the crochet projects waaaay worse than any writing project that has been started.
    Good luck to everyone who has posted resolutions!
    God speed.

  7. Shine Brightly

    1. Write my blog at least once a month (preferably more often)
    2. Get involved in a group (at least one) – photography, writing, swing dancing or something else – or try a bit of all of them to see what I like doing most
    3. Get restricted motorbike license (this has been a resolution for a couple of years now – still on learners)

    Those are my top three but I have others:
    4. Decorate my house so it’s more “mine” and possibly renovate kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry spaces
    5. Read more – especially classic short story writers
    6. Be more positive, especially towards other people
    7. Bite my tongue more i.e. not say anything when I really, really want to i.e don’t sweat the small stuff and instead use my journal (the private one) to work out my “issues”
    8. Keep on top of my newspaper reading
    9. Participate in writing prompts
    10. Walk dog more often each week

  8. rle

    Sorry for this, but as we approach the new year, this weighs heavy on my mind, and in some strange, unexplainable way, writing it out helps to ease my troubled mind.


    In the forty-five years I’ve roamed this rock we call Earth, I’ve never made a New Years resolution, at least not one that amounted to much. I guess I know myself well enough to realize that I’ll never see lofty goals through to fruition. I like to think of myself as the one who always lives up to my own low expectations, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Don’t set the bar too high, and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you can clear it.

    All joking aside, 2016 has been about the worst year of my life. In May, my wife of 22 years was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer which has also spread to her liver. Just this past week, after 12 grueling rounds of chemotherapy, our oncologist informed us the tumors on her liver are inoperable and the effectiveness of standard chemo has plateaued. We still have a couple of options available that give us hope for a favorable outcome and have given our full trust to the doctors, and our undying faith to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    That being said, 2017 will be a year we will all have to remain incredibly strong. It will also be a year for life altering, monumental decisions, some of which have already been set into motion. First of all, my family has made the incredibly difficult decision to close our retail business indefinitely. Instead we’ll shift our focus to wholesale, a segment that has shown steady growth over the past several years. We hope the extra time can help us concentrate on her treatment and be there for her on the front lines as she battles an invisible enemy from within. Hopefully, as we traverse the upcoming year, we can spend some time reconnecting as a family, something so many of us neglect in the chaos of everyday life.

    As far as writing goes, well, who knows? I hope I can still keep hammering some things out and plan to keep refining my novel as time permits. Throughout this entire ordeal, I’ve found writing a fantastic form of therapy, a wonderful aid in helping me sort out my feelings and fears.

    Regarding resolutions? One word sums it up: Hope. I hope we reach the end of 2017 complete, together, and unbroken. Somewhere along the way I hope we find something positive to cleave to under the storm clouds looming above, and most importantly, wherever this journey leads us, I hope we all reach our destination as better versions of ourselves.

  9. Amslovesgod

    1- to eat more vegetables
    2- to read a hundred books
    3- to get my first book published
    4- to travel to at least one new place
    5 – to get my learners permit (I’m 27 but live in a public transit friendly city so I’ve put it off for too long)

  10. miketom

    Lose required weight.
    Eat better in order to lose weight.
    Eat smaller portions for same reason.
    Resist temptation (see above reason).
    Finalize a query letter and send it out.
    Finish the trilogy I’m working on.

  11. pinkbamboo

    My new year resolutions for 2017 – the year I turn 30:

    1. Plan a family vacation
    2. Pass my instructor course to start teaching
    3. Do something to my hair – maybe dye it purple or soft curls
    4. Try yoga
    5. Wardrobe change

  12. Kerry Charlton


    Since I’m in a time warp from most of you, there are priorities to take care of, thus,

    Number one- Manage to wake up each morning.

    Number two- Look forward to four of my granddaughters graduating from college the next year and a half. That makes five so far. Four more granddaughters to go.

    Number three- Write a Hallmark love story and place my wife in the lead part.

    Number four – Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in one of the most romantic cities in the world, right here in San Antonio on the river walk.

    Number five- Manage to survive number four.

    Number six- Try to convince my nineteen pound calico cat not to rule the world..

    Number seven- Listen to my vinyl every day.

    Number eight- Stop, watch children at play, Look, at God’s masterpiece, a perfect rose, Listen to the call of the cardinals.

    Number nine- Listen more, talk less.

    Number ten, Leave the past as golden memories, let the present be full of boundless opportunities, I’m not finished ‘till I say I’m finished. {With God’s Grace]

    Kerry Brian Charlton

  13. Moses G

    1.Write a swahili novel and send it to a publisher
    2.Write a film script and sell it to producers
    3.Read a lot of books
    4.Play soccer at least three times a week (to keep fit)
    5.Add momentum on learning graphic designing
    6.Be involved in social events, e.g charity walks, visiting orphanages, etc
    7.Invest some money in income generating projects
    8.Build special interest on British politics and affairs

  14. PageWright

    When I have a choice about whether to do something or not, I’m going to ask myself, “Will this save me time?” (Ideally, will this save me time so I can write?)

  15. jhowe

    Glass Half Empty Resolution: List some things, take a stab at them, start phasing them out, ignore them after a while, get back to normal and wish I hadn’t put them in writing.

    Glass Half Full Resolution: Don’t list anything as I’m fine the way I am.

    Reality Resolution: I really should make some changes, but that’s kind of hard.

  16. Lynn Caskett

    My New Year’s resolutions for 2017:
    1) Write, write, WRITE, in order to achieve my goal
    2) Read a lot
    3) Write a book about gardening
    4) Record videos based on my short stories in my garden
    5) Include some animals in my books
    6) Ignore what others think of me and listen only to those who think positive
    7) Surround myself with positive people
    8) Do sports: yoga, swimming, running, etc.
    9) Stop being like a hedgehog with my own family
    10) Overcome every fear of mine

  17. Anniepanny

    One of my most important resolutions for 2017 is to STOP procrastinating. Again. For the 400th time. Every year I say/wish the same thing but hey I am such a proficient procrastinator and year end comes too quickly.
    I have a fiction novel that I have been working on for a few years and have outlined, have created intricate character templates and also a very good timeline and even put on my Scrivener writing program but I seem to have major problems actually writing the darn thing.
    I know to do it I have to actually do it but I am full of self-doubts and have a thousand excuses not to do it today.
    So yes 2017 is going to be my year to “pull the finger out” and work on it at least several times a week.

  18. rayner

    My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions:
    1. Read more
    2. Write
    3. Ignore my inner critic while writing
    4. Participate in the weekly prompts more
    5. Actually plan out my stories on paper and not in my head
    6. Keep a word document journal (again. I really miss doing this)
    7. Stop procrastinating (this one will be hard to keep)
    8. Stop staying up all night on YouTube (again, this one will be hard to keep)

    1. Shine Brightly

      That’s a great list of resolutions. I should adopt some of yours myself! What is a “word document journal”? Is it just a journal written using the Microsoft Word programme?

  19. Priya

    In 2017, actually, beginning today, I want to:

    – Read more
    – Create a daily writing practice
    – Participate in the weekly writing prompts
    – Evolve my writing craft
    – Write my first play
    – Enjoy life more
    – Meditate daily

  20. igonzales81

    Ah, New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I’m not big on making resolutions every time a new year rolls around. I prefer to see every time I open my eyes as a new beginning. A new chance to do the things I want to, to live my life by a set of resolutions I reaffirm on a constant basis.

    1. Treat everyone I meet exactly as I would have them treat me. And, yes, if I don’t like someone, and I don’t care how they feel about me, I’ll go ahead and be a jerk—so far, this hasn’t happened, and I don’t expect it to any time soon, but I bet I could do it if I had to.

    2. Share everything I’m able to. This doesn’t mean I go crazy and give away all my possessions. It can be as simple as helping my neighbor carry the groceries or telling someone who’s down a good joke. I’m never so poor that I can’t share something.

    3. Never, ever, ever, ever take anything in life so seriously that I can’t love it. This is really important, and applies to everything, from the people around me to the job I work to the music I dance to. If I don’t love it, I’m doing something wrong. If I’m doing something wrong, I have to fix it. And that can be as easy as changing the way I think about it. Example: sometimes I sit at my computer, and suddenly realize that I don’t love writing. When that happens, I write something like this. And then I remember why I love writing.

    It’s worked for me, thirty-six years and counting—up or down, doesn’t matter: I don’t take it so seriously that I can’t love it.

    Happy New Year!

      1. Kerry Charlton

        Extremely sage advice, Igonzales81. If you think this wisely at 36, there’s a good chance you’ll hit the big time or better yet, perhaps you already have and haven’t spread the word.

  21. Hiba Gardezi

    1. Write for the prompts each week except in the period (April – July)
    2. Write a book
    3. Get awesome grades
    4. Learn to manage my time
    5. Pray on time at least four times a day
    6. Be more social, confident, and generous
    7. Be more positive and thankful for the things I have
    8. Improve my handwriting
    9. Learn:
    i. two English songs
    ii. two Urdu songs
    10. Watch my weight
    11. Take care of my hair and skin
    12. Bake on my own at least thrice
    13. Find time to read
    i. Five books by local authors
    ii. Five plays
    iii. Five historical books
    iv. Five classic novels
    v. Five political books
    vi. Five others
    14. Plant flowers
    15. Go to some sort of competition
    16. Watch at least ten movies
    17. Paint something beautiful
    18. Paint a wall
    19. Keep my room tidy
    20. Be daring!


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