Creative Writing Prompts

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Need an idea to help you get started writing? You’ll find hundreds of fun writing prompts here – perfect for beginning a new novel or short story, or simply giving your writing muscle a workout.

What’s In a Name?

Build a character's traits based on the meaning of their first or last name. You may have to consult a baby name website or Write a scene or story starring your new character.

All the Chatter

Visit a park, coffee shop, or another public place that is buzzing with activity. Take note of what you hear the people around you say. Begin an original scene or story that includes something you overheard.

Dream Logic

Write a scene or story that involves a dream. It could be a character waking up from a dream, describing a dream they had to another person, realizing they are in a strange dream, etc.
thanksgiving writing prompts

5 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

No matter if you enjoy holidays like Thanksgiving or not, you can use them as fodder for your writing. Here are 5 Thanksgiving writing prompts to keep your pen moving this week.

Lesser of Two Evils

A knock on your door reveals a stranger who hands you their business card, claiming they are The Lesser of Two Evils. Write a scene or story that reveals what happens next. 

Letters From Summer Camp

Imagine your character is a child or camp counselor at a summer camp that is the setting of a horror-comedy movie. Write a letter home to family or friends from your character's perspective, telling your family about the strange happenings at camp.

Facing Obstacles

Write a story or scene in which your protagonist faces an obstacle. What is this obstacle? How does it stand in the way of your character and what they desire? How does your character respond to this obstacle?

The Invitation

Write a scene or story that includes a character receiving an invitation, or showing up to an event that they were invited to. What was the invitation for? What ensues after the invitation is accepted? Does the character feel like a fish out of water when they attend the event?

Anthropomorphize That

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to something that isn't human, such as animal or object. Write a scene or story that includes anthropomorphism. 

Write What You Know

Begin with something familiar from your own life—such as a past event, something you know how to do, a character inspired by someone you know, or a place from your life—and put it in a fictionalized scene or story.