I don't usually do these, but...

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...I had this great idea (at least, I thought so) for a poetry prompt this morning. One of the perks of working at F+W Publications is that I'm constantly surrounded by a wide range of enthusiast magazines and books (from writing to scuba diving and from coin collecting to decorative painting).

This morning I'm breezing through the production department and see two brand new titles: one for some kind of knitting and the other with the image of a handgun on the cover with the title of Glock.

Of course, my mind started spinning on some yarn about an old woman who knits a pretty carrying case for her glock. And maybe it's not her glock; maybe it's for her grandson Bruno who works for the mob. The possibilities are endless really with a knitting-glock juxtaposition.

And that's what my (long-winded) poetry prompt is: Juxtapose two or more seemingly unrelated things (images, ideas, people, etc.) to create an interesting poem.

The nice thing about juxtaposition is that it can increase tension and make an interesting idea unforgettable. Have fun going at it. If you wish to share, post your poem in the comments below.


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