April PAD Challenge: Day 21

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Today's prompt requires that you do a little snooping. That's right: I want you to write a "snooping" poem today. Basically, you need to write a poem that incorporates a bit of overheard dialogue (can be in real life or off the television) or even a quote taken from a news story online (if you happen to be a hermit).

If you're not a recluse, then venture out to places where people are: grocery stores, malls, college campuses, cinemas, airports, post offices, etc. This is the perfect excuse for you to be among the people. And once among the people, don't worry about socializing; instead, listen until you have something that makes you want to write.

Here's my poem for the day (with quoted material snatched from co-workers this morning--used in an entirely different context, of course):

"The Pickpockets"

We gathered late at night
and looked over our collections:

a few wallets, some watches,
a very moving memoir

about a man who changed his life
while conquering his fears

by accepting the fact
all people have flaws.

We could definitely relate,
but when Sally's turned out pockets

once again revealed only lint,
one of us yelled out,

"She hasn't been trying, has she?"
Then, we set in upon her--

knowing what must be cut loose
to strengthen the pack.