2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 15

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We're already half-way through the month. Today is prompt 15, which means there are only 15 left to go. It's all down hill from here, right?

For today's prompt, write a "just when you thought it was safe" poem. For instance, write a poem about the dangers of going off a diet just after hitting your goal weight, entering the water after it appears the killer shark has been caught (Jaws anyone?), or whatever else could offer a sneaky bit of danger. Of course, with only 15 days of poeming left, it's safe to assume you're going to finish this challenge--or is it?

Here's my attempt:

"I forgot how to think"

One day, the words left me without notice
and never returned. Then, my legs refused
to move for me--followed by my hands and
then, my arms. My mouth worked itself into
a smile against my will. And it filled me
with a terrific anger at first, but
eventually even my anger
left me like a verse of music drifting
outside my window and into the street.


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