Weekly Round-Up: Musical Writing and Remembrances

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Every week our editors publish somewhere between 10 and 15 blog posts—but it can be hard to keep up amidst the busyness of everyday life. To make sure you never miss another post, we've created a new weekly round-up series. Each Saturday, find the previous week's posts all in one place.


Arts and Sciences 

Think of yourself as a master composer and your novel as a symphony: The various harmonizing elements work together to create a vast sweep that engages emotions—exactly the effect writers want to achieve. Read How to Turn Elements of Your Novel Into a Masterpiece to understand the similarities between writing and music.

While you may write to engage your creativity, writing isn't all about the arts. Check out this infographic that outlines 11 Science-Backed Reasons Writing is Good for Your Health.

Agents and Opportunities

This week's new literary agent alert is for Claire Roberts of Trident Media Group. She is looking for literary fiction, crime fiction, and narrative nonfiction.

As hard as it is for writers to get their writing out there, ghostwriters face even more challenges. Ghostwriting: A Business Blueprint You Need to Succeed will help you learn how to develop a profitable career in ghostwriting.

Navigating the world of agents and publishers can be tricky, but so can self-publishing. Find out How an Indie Author Landed a Traditional Book Deal by pursuing what felt right for her book.

Poetic Asides

For this week's Wednesday Poetry Prompt, write an "it can't be" poem. Then challenge yourself by trying out a poetic form influenced by the music world: a contrapuntal poem.

This week's Poetry Spotlight shines on Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop, a bookstore that only sells poetry.

This week, we remember poet Thomas Lux, who passed away on Sunday, and what made Lux both an incredible poet and an incredible person.

Birthday Celebrations

Observe Laura Ingalls Wilder's 150th birthday by reading some social media posts she might have written that we collected on Platforms of Yore.