Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop: Poetry Spotlight

After taking a look at the Hugo House last week, let’s get back to the East Coast. Specifically, let’s examine Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop.

By the way, I appreciate the poetry spotlight ideas people have sent my way. Keep them coming at with the subject line: Poetry Spotlight Idea.


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Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

In case the name was not a dead giveaway, Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop is a bookstore that exclusively sells poetry. This family-run bookstore claims to be the only all-poetry bookstore in New York City and originally started as a traveling booth at the Brooklyn Flea and other events.

In 2013, the husband-wife poet team of Jared White and Farrah Field found a permanent location for Berl’s in DUMBO Brooklyn. By the way, both poets have published multiple collections themselves and a poem by Field is included in the Best American Poetry 2011 anthology.

In their own words, “We are a bookstore that sells poetry books and chapbooks; a space that celebrates art, creativity, performance, and the handmade; a partner to many small presses local to Brooklyn, around the country, and worldwide; a place for readers of all ages; a passion project; an experiment; a gallery for books; a home for words; and a place to read, to hear poets read, to meet poets and readers, and to join a community.”

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2 thoughts on “Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop: Poetry Spotlight

  1. Sarah Metzler

    This sounds awesome. I’m adding it to my list of “things to look forward to.” You know, I went to a local bookstore a couple years ago looking for some poetry books and they had NONE. It was not that they did not have any of the poetry books that I was looking for, it was that they had 0 poetry books. It was disheartening! I’m glad to see that poetry has an honorable place and space in Brooklyn!


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