Why You Were Late for the Meeting

You’re at lunch when your smartphone buzzes with an e-mail from your boss: “Don’t forget, we have a meeting in 10 minutes.” Of course you did forget, so you rush out of the restaurant and attempt to make it before it starts. But a crazy chain of events stops you from getting back in time for the meeting.

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257 thoughts on “Why You Were Late for the Meeting

  1. ceexerror_

    According to the simple hum of my smartphone on nicely polished granite that lied on a bar top in a more than modern café, while drinking an iced latte,’ it was almost time for the most important meeting a woman could ever make while working with the Apple Company. Of course, I enjoyed the lifestyle of being their blogger, journalist, and even marketer, but sometimes with juggling all of the sort my mind becomes weary and iced lattes become more of a relaxer than a need.
    As I scrambled to see that I had only 10 minutes to make it downtown, and I was all the way on the northern end, I began to lose my mind. The events that took place earlier on that day was something that had to make more than a feature story in my world.
    It was precisely 8:15 a.m. when I received the message on a Tuesday morning and my manager was counting on my arrival. To start, while leaving the restaurant known as “A La Mode” with its fine dining I walked outside and it began to pour down raining. The trees were swaying left and right, while people scrambled and ran. The sky became grey and the skyscrapers around me were beginning to block my view of where exactly the garage was. I couldn’t decide if I was on the correct street, and while using the wrong company I began to lose signal. I was perpetually stuck. The hums of cars and the blocking of traffic became more than a barrier.
    I took it upon myself to tag down a taxi cab. When doing so, it seemed that the men who were driving were only focused on getting themselves to safety. Not only was it quite harsh for them to speed pass a sore and wet thumb, but very heartbreakingly confusing. Damn, someone has to see my thumb, if not then I’ll be here for forever. I thought to myself. But the more I thought, the longer I stood, so I began to walk back to the restaurant and think of which direction I came in from. Just when doing so, my body shook with trembles of the world and anxiety. A huge wave stretched its body towards the sky, blocking the remaining portion of sunlight, the littleness of clouds, and the ability to see past the other buildings nearby. It seemed to sit there for 3 minutes straight until crashing downwards. As soon as it had done so, I found myself swimming in a sea of debris, people, and cars.
    My body swam upwards, and upwards hearing sirens of helicopters above. Listening to warnings made around me while being underwater, I felt myself swimming for more than I could breathe. I looked left and right, and then up, and I saw a ceiling. The ceiling was dry with white thin crisp ridges. Then I rolled over, looked at the clock that read 6:00 a.m. and I decided to leave the state.

  2. moby dicks

    You’re at lunch when your smartphone buzzes with an e-mail from your boss: “Don’t forget, we have a meeting in 10 minutes.” Of course you did forget, so you rush out of the restaurant and attempt to make it before it starts. But a crazy chain of events stops you from getting back in time for the meeting.

    i dropped my phone spilled my coffee on the the asian lady with glasses next to me jumped out of my seat and was out the door with papers flipping and flying behind me. I was suddenly in a frantic mess; and coldn’t stop from sweating, turning my head like an eagle on meth as I landed at the bottom of the stairs and out the door, into the street, in a stance similar to a defender in an NBA playoff basketball game. I turned to the left and started running down the busy city village street while loosing my ty and dodging civilians like linebackers as I headed for the end-zone the meeting. I stopped for a second as I saw a taxi drive-by but I realized I missed him. So back it was to running again this time with good form pumping my arms with my fingers erect like spears. it was a constant sprint down the sidewalk spotted with mostly women in politically correct grey suits with straightened hair. they were mostly asian, and they were almost all walking in my direction as i passed them. I passed a black man sitting on a bucket playing cards by himself. i smelled cigarettes and exhaust and hot concrete and the sun blasted like a hot ball as i sweated profusely, running slower as I analyzed my surroundings.

    “what am i doing?” i thought.

    I realized i had more time than i thought and began to walked in a cool but elegant walk i had been practicing, with shoulders and all, arms slightly swinging. I stopped for a cup of water at the free water cafe to my left, it had people inside drinking water out of clear plastic cups that i saw from the double windows that separated the door. it was so refreshing. shit. time to go the meeting though.

    this time i picked up a slight jog as I knew I would be late if I didn’t. down the straight street sidewalk and across the wight painted streets signifigying crosswalks among the sideblocks clser tothe meeting. I was getting real sweaty. I stopped inside the cafe to my left that had free hand sanitizer. I used some on my hands and tried some to get a little buzz. god dammit, i’m gonna be late i thought.

    I continued walking down the street and gorillas with great posture strode down the street casually with coffe cups in their hands as i passed in amazement looking over my shouldering slightly stressed but casually interested.

    i got out of the cab as the ringing of car horns stuck in traffic startled me. i walked up slowly to the meeting as i checked my watch and realized i was five minutes early. the singing of gorillas with hand sanitizer and water on a hot concrete pavement day lingered in my head as I went to adress my boss with a handshake smirke and a gentle touch on the back.


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