8 Articles/Posts All Writers Should Have Read in 2008

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The eBook Problem and The eBook Solution (Booksquare)
Read it for a basic understanding of the issues related to e-book publishing and distribution. When Kassia Krozser leads by saying that e-books will not be the next big thing, though, that's not really the point of the article. Just keep reading.

Story vs. Book: The Future of Publishing (Booksquare)
Another from Krozser that offers a perspective on why the traditional publishing industry must change its model to survive, and how the author's role changes too.

Essential Points in the Free Debate (Tools of Change for Publishing)
I tell writers that giving stuff away for free is not to be feared. It always results in more sales for the physical book or for other products. This article has a nice summary of the overall free debate; this issue is just going to become more important.

A Book Publisher's Manifesto for the 21st Century (The Digitalist)
When you click the link, you'll find a blog post that will prompt you to download a PDF that contains the manifesto. It's probably the most comprehensive article of the year on how publishing will change.

The 21st Century Writer (The Futurist)
An article about the future of publishing that focuses squarely on the author's point of view.

The Kindle and The iPhone Dance (Publishing Frontier)
An easy to understand dissection of these two devices from a book perspective.

50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice (Chris Brogan)
Social media expert Chris Brogan offers a checklist that's invaluable to any author building an online platform.

How Content Marketing Will Shake the Tree (Chris Brogan)
Another great post from Chris Brogan that can help authors understand how to use their content to both sell books and build a platform. It's geared toward businesses, but easily adapted by individuals.

What articles did you read in 2008 that you still remember or have kept handy?
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