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18th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Winners - Reference

Announcing the Reference winners of the 18th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.


First Place:
Diane O'Grady
To Teach To Learn To Live
Vernon, BC Foreign Entry Canada

Honorable Mentions:
Victoria Westcott
Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians
Victoria, BC Foreign Entry Canada

J.Tom Morgan
Ignorance Is No Defense: A Teenager's Guide To Georgia Law
Decatur GA USA

Lee & Linda Eschler
Mississippi Gulf Coast Restaurants - Post Hurricane Katrina
Gulfport MS USA

Linda Duke
Recipes For Restaurateurs
San Rafael CA USA

Sandra Smith
The Child And Family Spirit Workbook: Second Edition
Albuquerque NM USA

Scot Runyan
How To Become Rent And Mortgage Free
Kingston WA USA

Stephen Payne
How To Purchase Archaic Jade
West Palm Beach FL USA

Adrian Hill
Cleared For The Option
Walled Lake MI USA

Anne Whetzel
Olio Aglio: A Gluten Free Recipe Collection
Tahoe City CA USA

Anthony Eremitus
Criminal Exposure
Tucson AZ USA

Arlene Miller
The Best Little Grammar Book Ever! 101 Ways To Impress With Your Writing And Speaking
Petaluma CA USA

Bernadette M. Petrotta
The Art Of The Social Graces Handbook
Redondo Beach CA USA

Bonnie D. Stone
Guide To The Antelopwe Valley: San Andreas Ain't Ano Fault Of Mine
Lancaster CA USA

Confident Voices
Cape Neddick ME USA

Deanna K. Loftis Rn, Bba
Gentle Cures For Tough Cancers
Hillview KY USA

Deb Everson Borofka
Memory, Muses, Memoir
Clovis CA USA

Ding Tripodis
The 25 Days Of Christmas Cocktailing
cols. OH USA

Edward Ewell
Herbal Matrix
Southfield MI USA

Elise Cooke
The Miserly Mind, 12 1/2 Secrets Of The Freakishly Frugal
Walnut Creek CA USA

Elliott Perlin
Breaking Addictions Biblio/Poetry/Therapy
Bethesda MD USA

Jack Stewart
The Wit And Wisdom Of Dr. Jack
Forston GA USA

Jane Bash & Pamela Wessel
A Jewelry Journal
San Antonio TX USA

Janice K. Sussman And Karen M. Gauci
Superitis-How We Conquered It!
Boca Raton FL USA

Jared Kelner
The Chamberlain Negotiation Principles: A Tale Of Five Must Know Negotiation Tenets And The Insight Behind The Principles To Help You Succeed
East Brunswick NJ USA

Jason Vanclef
The Wealth Code: How The Rich Stay Rich In Good Times And Bad
Santa Monica CA USA

Jodi Newbern
Regifting Revival! A Guide To 'Reusing Gifts Graciously
Virginia Beach VA USA

John Fielden
"Roll Sound!"
Honolulu HI USA

Jordan Mcauley
Celebrity Black Book 2010, The
New York NY USA

Judith A Barnes & Eric James
How To Not Suck At Communication
Albany NY USA

Judith A Barnes & Eric James
How Not To Suck At Mentoring
Albany NY USA

Julie And Mike Neal
The Complete Walt Disney World 2010
Sanibel FL USA

Julie Ayer
More Than Meets The Ear, How Symphony Musicians Made Labor History
Minneapolis MN USA

Kimberly Llewellyn
I Want To Be An Author: Now What?
Safety Harbor FL USA

Leo K. Lindenbauer
Health In Spite Of Medicine
Spokane WA USA

Linda Falcao
America Serves Student Journal
Media PA USA

M. H. Collins
Write History Right
Rogers AR USA

Mande Dagenais
Inspired To Dance--Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Professional Dancer Without Breaking A Leg
Miami Beach FL USA

Marilyn Banyai
Take Pics With Pizzazz!
Collegeville PA USA

Marion Roach Smith
Writing What You Know: Realia

Martin B. Green
Dress To Impress:Classic Men's Dressing
Plantation FL USA

Maurice H. Zouary
The New History Of Motion Picture Sound
New York NY USA

Nancy Overton
A Checklist / Making A Family Plan For Emergencies
Oakland CA USA

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
Going Kosher In 30 Days!
Monsey NY USA

Renee Mosiman And Mike Mosiman
The Smarter Preschooler: Unlocking Your Child's Intellectual Potential

Ron Arons
Wanted! U.S. Criminal Records
Oakland CA USA

Ronald Auerbach
Think Like An Interviewer

Rosalyn J. Cronin
The Healthy Business: Shape Up, Survive & Thrive
Ajax Foreign Entry Canada

Spike Hampson
Going Home: A Solo Voyage Through North America
Salt Lake City UT USA

Vernoica Hoyle-Kent & Michael C. Fine
Young Writer's Toolkit
Morgan Hill CA USA

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