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18th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Winners - Poetry

Announcing the Poetry winners of the 18th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.


First Place:
Charles James
Life Lines
Elmira NY USA

Honorable Mentions:
Drew Dellinger
Love Letter to the Milky Way
Mill Valley CA USA

Jerry Brown Schwartz
So Inspired: Preludes & Poems
Raleigh NC USA

Mary Lucille DeBerry
Bertha Butcher's Coat
Morgantown WV USA

Alberto Romero
First Light

Alice Benton
Black Love: A Book Of Poetry And Love
Brooklyn NY usa

Andrew Jantz
The Upper Common
Arlington MA USA

Anh Thi Lottman
Observations In Poem
Santa Monica CA USA

Ann B. Day
Poetry Through The Year 2009
Waitsfield VT USA

Ann B. Day
Poetry Through The Year 2010
Waitsfield VT USA

Ann B. Day
Poetry Journal For The Seasons
Waitsfield VT USA

Anna Sonin Isipenyuk
From Kylv Goldengate To S.F. Golden Gate
San Francisco CA USA

Attea M. Barnes
Upon Losing A Spouse
Sterling Heights MI US

Charles Redner
Laguna Woods CA USA

Chuck Warren
One Minute Movies
Grandville MI United States

Cordell Caudron
Lewiston ID USA

Courtney Trowman
Lemon Drops; The Soul Candy

Courtney Trowman

D. R. Wise
The Dreamzappers
Oro Valley AZ USA

Daniel Sekarski
Testing The Autumn Breeze
Froideville Foreign Entry Switzerland

Dc Arledge
Denham Springs LA USA

Ed Bremson
The Scars
Raleigh NC USA

Ed Bremson
Poet In The Mall: 180 Haiku And 21 Poems
raleigh NC USA

Ed Bremson
A Sanctuary Green: 595 Contemporary Haiku
raleigh NC USA

Elizabeth Yahn Williams And Robert Thomas Lundy
Summation 2009-2010: The Merging Of Art And Poetry
Oceanside CA USA

Elizabeth Yahn Williams And Robert Thomas Lundy
Summation 2008: The Merging Of Art And Poetry
Oceanside CA USA

Eva Tabaosares Kohr
I Shot An Arrow Into The Star
West Creek NJ USA

Frank Mundo
The Brubury Tales
Panorama City CA USA

G. Mark Lafrancis
In Their Boots
Natches MS USA

Ginger Mance
Rebirth In Light
Chicago IL USA

Gloria J Hildreth
Reflections: A Moment In Time
Peoria AZ USA

Harold G. Ross
Far Echoes
Manhattan KS USA

Hon. James J. Brown
Reflections Of A Poetic Judge
Raleigh, NC USA

Hon. James J. Brown
"Reflections Of A Poetic Judge"
Raleigh, NC USA

Hongvan Helen Nguyen
The Chickadees
Arlington VA US

J. Laurence Stillwell
The Soldiers Of The Cross, The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail
New Gloucester ME USA

Jack Lichter
Tell Me
Lakesuzy FL USA

James G. Barry
Wake Up Singing
New York NY USA

Jeanne Vandorn (Mauk)

Jennifer N. Shannon
For The Love, Short Stories And Poems, Vol. 1
Marietta GA United States

Jennifer V Matthews
For A Ghetto Child
Mt Vernon NY usa

Jim Rainey
Chasing Down Lincoln Highway
Skokie IL usa

Joe Kaldon
Rust Belt
Aliquippa PA United States

John D Wilkinson Ii / Este And Liesel Wilkinson (Illustrators)
Breakfast Ketchup With Hot Sauce Too
Steamboat Springs CO USA

John Hayford Jones
Montezume & The Morning Star
Woodland Hills CA USA

Jonathan Christopher Martin
Colorado Springs CO United States

Karen Boes Oman
Gifts Of The Heart
Minneapolis MN USA

Karen J. Hanson
Ground Zero And Beyond
Tucson AZ USA

Kevin Hollingsworth
Los Angeles CA USA

L. K. Chazda Albright
Poetry! Handle With Care: A Book Of Poems And Something Sort Of Like Art
Bad Homburg Foreign Entry Germany

La Shea A Stanard
The Gift Of Love
Barrington NJ US

Lulu Gordon
Love And Love Lost
Corte Madera CA USA

Mark Chandos
Chandos Ring
Kansas City KS USA

Mark D Ransom
After September
Brooklyn NY USA

Mark D Ransom
Rage And Calm
Brooklyn NY USA

Mark Stelling
My Seatiments Exactly
Iowa City IA USA

Mark Stellinga
My Sentiments Exactly
Iowa City IA USA

Marlene Wolff Solomon
Dear Dad, I Will Always Love You!
Owings Mills, MD USA

Martha Bible Smith
Dallas TX USA

Martha W. Brandt
Poetry For The Spiritual Soul
Beverly MA USA

Martin Cobin
After Eight
Louisville CO USA

Martin Cobin
Search Sharer
Louisville CO USA

Martin Decoursey Haynes
A Turn With The Muse
Pembroke Pines FL USA

Mary Kennedy Eastham
The Shadow Of A Dog I Can't Forget
San Jose CA USA

Mary Miceli
Poetry: Reflecting On The Clouds Of Everyday Living
Wenham MA USA

Melvin Palowski Moore
Burning Blue
haverhill MA usa

Michael A.J. Sardo
A Cycle Of Poems In Experimention Continued And A Tribute To New York In The 1950's
Festus MO USA

Mildred L. Monnig, Donna M. Monnig
Echoes Of Time : A Collection Of Rhyme
Brunswick MO USA

Nancy Calhoun
Sip Wine, Drink Stars
Sonoita AZ USA

Nicole Grace
Bodhisattva: How To Be Free - Poems To Guide You Home
Santa Fe NM USA

Onnie Magnan-Albrizio
Lion's Tooth
Windsor CT USA

Ott Lukk
Love Or Lust
Minneapolis MN USA

Perry L. Angle
The Butterfly Transport
Mobile AL USA

Richard Boden
Love And Life
Woodbridge VA USA

Richard Heim (Dr.)
Vertical Verse
Washington NJ USA

Richard Lee Harris
Reimagine: Poems, 1993-2009
Bellingham WA USA

Ricky Rapoport Friesem
Laissez Passer
Rehovot Israel

Robert B. Moreland And Karen M. Miner
Postcards From Baghdad: Honoring America's Heroes
Pleasant Prairie WI USA

Ronnie Lee
Back To Basics
Parker CO USA

Sallysense (Pseud/Aka) Sally Kline
In A Sallysense...
Milton PA USA

Sandra E. Mcbride
Meadow Flowers
Mechanicville NY usa

Sarah Jane King
A Book Of Poetry
Red Lake Canada

Sherry Mills
Mixed Emotions
Harriman TN USA

Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde
A Place Called Return
Orchard Park NY USA

Susan Von Tobel
Secret Thoughts
lake oswego OR usa

Tawsif Anam
Newtune's Dusk
Madison WI usa

Thomas Cherney
Dream Street
toms river NJ usa

Thomas L. Gritzka (Pseudonym "Gritfish")
Spirit Of Chinook Looking At Us
Portland OR USA

Tom Chapman
Far Horizons
Tamworth NSW Australia

Tyrone Hill
Poetic Reflections
Tampa FL USA

Wolstan Brown
Red Giant
Great Neck NY USA

Yelena Dorogova-Vdovichenko
The Sky Blue
Woodland Hills CA USA

Arthur Kiyaga
Kiyaga-Ism Act Ii: Unauthorized Departure
Toronto Foreign Entry Canada

Barbara Eisele
Verses & Short Thoughts
Ocala FL North America - U.S.A.

Bobbie Martin Parker
Through A Passing Cloud
Montgomery AL USA

Christopher Kuhl
Sightings: Visions Of The Human Spirit
North Aurora IL USA

Claras J. Tucker
San Padro CA USA

David Prinz Hufford
A Private Swirling

Dr. Jamie Y. Marable
The Beauty Of Ordinary
Tuscaloosa AL US

Elsie Schoeffel
Reflections Of Nature And Life
Beaver Dam WI USA

Eve Jeanette Blohm
The Waiting Canvas
New York NY USA

Eve Jeanette Blohn
Natures Mosaic
New York NY USA

Farin Mirvahabi Powell
A Piece Of Heaven
Falls Church VA USA

George Lysloff
Poems, Visions Reflections

J. Laurence Stillwell
The Soldiers Of The Cross, The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail
New Gloucester ME USA

J. Laurence Stillwell
The Soldiers Of The Cross, The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail
New Gloucester ME USA

James A. Vasquez
Prophets Of The Old Testament
Spokane WA USA

James P. Kain
Curved Space & The More Delecate Times
Glen Ridge PA USA

Jane D. Carpenter
What To Make Of Silence
Denver CO USA

Jean Barr
Reflections And Recollections: A Book Of Poetry From The 1960"S To The Millennium
Philadelphia TX USA

Jim Hiner
Of Impudence And Mirth: Poems
Belmont WI USA

Kat Ricker
Something Familiar
Newberg OR USA

Kori Moore
Not By Chance
Griffin GA USA

Maria Psanis
A Child, A Dream And A Sling Shot
Tariffville CT USA

Marie A. Reilly
At Dusk: Poems
Las Cruces NM USA

Michael L. Ciavarella
Quatraing Of Our Love
Lockport IL USA

Michael L. Ciavarella
The Long Yellow Afternoon
Lockport IL USA

Nell Funderburk Wiser
Poems From The Shoebox
Nashville TN USA

Rashaun J. Allen
A Walk Through Brooklyn
Albany NY United States

Rebecca Luttrell Briley
Bean Si Bones
Pahoa HI USA

Richard Atwood
You, My Love
Wichita KS USA

Robert G. English
Albuquerque NM USA

Robert Hilgenberg
Spare Change
Pueblo CO USA

Steven R. Lindsay
Denizens Of The Dark Eyes
Xlibris web page #59339
Marine City MI USA

Tom K. Wagner
Beyond Silence
Phoenix AZ USA

William Matt Mahoney
Of Time And Honored Distance
Jacksonville FL USA

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