101 Best Websites for Writers (My Favorites)

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The May/June 2010 issue of Writer's Digest features our very popular annual feature, 101 Best Websites for Writers. (I compiled the 5th annual list in 2003!)

Every site on the list is worth your attention, but here I'll offer up a special curation.

Best Continuing Education Site for Both the Unpublished & Published Author
A Newbie's Guide to Publishing by JA Konrath

JA Konrath has a knack for speaking to and teaching beginners. Now that he is experimenting on his own with e-book publishing (and having tremendous success acting as his own publisher), his site is worth keeping tabs on for established authors as well.

Best Site for Entrepreneurial Writers to See How It's Done
Chris Guillebeau

Go download 279 Days to Overnight Success to start, then keep going back for information on how to empower your career.

The Best Grammar Site
Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty (the Grammar Girl) is even the go-to source for Oprah when it comes to grammar.

Still the Most Vigilant Watchdog of Publishing
Writer Beware

It's as fresh, direct, and tenacious today as it was when it first launched. Backed by the folks at SFWA.

Most Interesting Project to Keep an Eye On
Open Publishing Lab

This group from Rochester Institute of Technology is developing open-source applications for publishing. Start by browsing their "Open Publishing Guide" and Self-Publishing Advisor (excellent info on self-publishing).

Best Blog to Keep You Thinking in New & Different Ways About Authorship & Publishing
Seth Godin's blog

More than a marketing master, Seth will push you to re-envision and re-invent how you see yourself as a creative.

How to Stretch Your Mind About How Stories and Content Can Be Delivered

If you haven't heard of DailyLit, you're missing one of the most interesting experiments in publishing.

To view the entire 101 list, here are your options:


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