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How to Write More in the Time You Have

The key to achieving those New Year's writing resolutions—or any writing goals, for that matter—is to make the most of the time you have. J.J. Hanna explains how to maximize your writing productivity and improve your time management.

Christmas Is in the Air, So Get Ready for Rejections

It's holiday time, and guess what editors do this time of year?  They clean our their desks and send out rejections by the dozens; it’s the gift that keeps on giving! You've heard what people say about comedy coming from pain. That's why Pamela Jane is offering a new way to...

This is NOT Research Advice

Kerri Maher, author of WD Books' This is Not a Writing Manual and the new novel The Kennedy Debutante, offers research advice—or rather, NOT research advice—explaining how diaries, letters and books she read made their way into her fiction.

The Key to Getting Published: Perseverance

As anyone who's wrapping up National Novel Writing Month knows, perseverance is the key to conquering any writing challenge. Here, author Lisa Preston shares her experience leaning into perseverance and succeeding with a dash of luck.