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Weekly Round-Up: Writing Winners

Every week our editors publish around 10 blog posts—but it can be hard to keep up amidst the busyness of everyday life. To make sure you never miss another post, we've created a new weekly round-up series. Each Saturday, find the previous week's posts all in one place.


Latest and Greatest

Happy holidays from Writer's Digest! Make sure you check out our 12 Days of Books Giveaway—you still have seven chances to win!

Check out the editor's letter from the January 2018 issue of Writer's Digest and challenge yourself to Have No Fear in the 2018 writing year.

Stay up to date with the latest GLA News.

Time to Write

You're finally going to write your memoir in 2018—but how will the real-life people in your story respond? Try out these words: "based on a true story." Read 4 Advantages to Fictionalizing the Truth and consider writing your story as a novel.

Ready to hit the ground running with your writing? Make sure to pace yourself ... or at least pace your plot! Check out Pacing Your Plot: 20 Ways to Rethink Your Narrative Pace.

How to feed your Star Wars obsession and spend time on your writing? Check out Rethinking Protagonists and Antagonists: Parallel and Perpendicular Character Perspectives in Star Wars.

Poetic Asides

Congratulations to the winner of the Writer's Digest Poetic Form Challenge for a contrapuntal poem! Find out if you made the top five.

For this week's Wednesday Poetry Prompt, write a "thaw" poem.

Do I Pitch Different to Agents vs. Editors?

Do I Pitch Different to Agents vs. Editors?

Every so often writers ask if they should pitch different to agents vs. editors. This post answers that question and provides some extra help on how to successfully pitch both.

Urban Legend

Urban Legend

Every writer needs a little inspiration once in a while. For today's prompt, feature an urban legend in your story.

Grose, 12:6

Jessica Grose: On the Unsustainability of Parenting

Opinion writer and author Jessica Grose discusses the complicated subject of modern motherhood in her new nonfiction book, Screaming on the Inside.

Elizabeth Shick: On Research Through Immersion

Elizabeth Shick: On Research Through Immersion

Award-winning novelist Elizabeth Shick discusses the complete rewrite she devoted to her debut novel, The Golden Land.

6 Habits Writers Can Learn From Athletes

6 Habits Writers Can Learn From Athletes

Author and athlete Henriette Lazaridis shares six tips and habits that writers can learn from athletes.

writer's digest wd presents

WD Presents: Last Chance to Nominate Your Favorite Writing Websites, Our Historical Fiction Virtual Conference, and More!

This week, we're excited to announce the deadline to nominate your favorite writing websites, our Historical Fiction Virtual Conference, and more!

4 Tips for Writing a Modern Retelling

4 Tips for Writing a Modern Retelling

From having reverence for the original to making it your own, author Nikki Payne shares four tips for writing a modern retelling.

Faint vs. Feint (Grammar Rules)

Faint vs. Feint (Grammar Rules)

Learn when to use faint vs. feint in your writing with Grammar Rules from the Writer's Digest editors, including a few examples. Plus, we answer whether it's "faint of heart" or "feint of heart."

6 Books to Cozy Up With This Winter | Book Recommendations

6 Books to Cozy Up With This Winter

Here are 6 book recommendation perfect for winter reading.