Cool Dialogue Contest!

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Fun contest online!

Agent Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown, LTD is sponsoring a new contest to find the next great writer who can compose scintillating speech and dominating dialogue (not to mention awesome alliteration).

It's a dialogue contest! Being that my first love was playwriting, this contest excites me (and I may even submit). All the details are on his blog, so you may want to open up a new tab/window and check those out. Here's the gist. You submit 250 words of dialogue and the necessary prose/description that goes with it. Logically, it would have to be a bit dialogue heavy.

Submit it by Wednesday, May 21, for consideration and the winner will be announced soonafter. The winner gets a variety of prize choices, including a phone conversation with Nathan or a query critique.

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Reservoir Dogs had good dialogue.

Hat tip on this great
info: future famous
writer Nancy Parish.