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Announcing the Winners of the 88th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 88th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition! For an interview with the Grand Prize winner, see the November/December 2019 issue of Writer's Digest. See which WD competitions are currently accepting entries at

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Grand Prize

Jerry Slaff, Lies (Stage Play,Television/Movie Script). Read the first act of Lies here.

Memoir/Personal Essay

  1. “God’s Tablecloth” by Elene Catrakilis
  2.  “Five Reasons to Wonder” by Arthur Doweyko
  3. “I Am W-O-M-A-N” by Laura Deitchler
  4. “It Can’t Be About Beautiful” by Toby Heathcotte
  5. “Harlem Genesis” by Clinton Etheridge
  6. “Pink Bats & Army Men” by Laurie Bryant
  7. “The Rules of the Porch” by Debbie Goldstein
  8. “D-Day and Life Lessons From My Barber” by Chad Pillai
  9. “Dandelion” by Vicki Noll
  10. “How to Love Two Husbands” by Anne Gudger

Honorable Mentions:

  • "A Daughter of ALS" by Cynthia Christian
  • "A More Perfect Union" by Jeannie Wurz
  • "A Nuclear Childhood" by Jill Warnick
  • "Alone in the Redwoods" by Samantha Lambert
  • "An American Dream" by Itzel Quintero Marmol Ramos
  • "Anchors Away" by Dara Zukoski
  • "Canoes and Roses" by Carly Hampton
  • "Cheers to You, Dad, on Father's Day" by Elizabeth Yeserski
  • "Coming of Age" by Indu Kadambi
  • "Crippling Pain" by Wayne Christensen
  • "Dear Teaching, It's Not Me, It's You" by Emily Corak
  • "Dualist's Performance Review" by Sarah Cords
  • "Everlasting Pain" by Karen Lawrence
  • "Fault Lines" by Joelle Babula
  • "Feast" by Emily Corak
  • "Fences" by Rodney Sessions
  • "Freedom From Hurry and Worry: Undoing the Catch-22 of Our Time" by Philip Kenney
  • "Grief, Unfolding" by Julie Dennis-Carroll
  • "Hope" by Joelle Babula
  • "I Am Reminded Daily" by Angela Hall
  • "Littoral Ingenue" by Russell Rebertus
  • "Love on Track - A Force Greater than Dementia" by Norah Machia
  • "My Brother Charlie" by Anne L. Hegnauer
  • "My brother's death was the best thing to ever happen to me" by Jason Martuscello
  • "My So-Called Mom Life" by Chanese Jessica
  • "Sharing the Sinai" by Karen Kish
  • "Souvenirs" by Christopher Congdon
  • "Suicide Note--First Draft" by Martha Davis
  • "Superhuman" by Isis Grills
  • "The 9½ Commandments for Building A House With The Love of Your Life" by Nv Mann
  • "The Ballad of a Common Man: A (Very) Short Memoir" by Christopher O'Donnell
  • "The Next Great Trip" by Elaine Sears
  • "The Starks of this World" by Seraphine Hamilton
  • "They Draw Me In" by Donna Surgenor
  • "Tribute to the Furious II" by Norris Comer
  • "TWO-OH-ONE-NINE" by Judy David
  • "Unlikely Gifts" by Cynthia Jalynski
  • "Wesley" by Amy McGarry
  • "Who Are You?" by Rachel Carrera
  • "Writing the Dark" by Sherri Langdon

Judge: Richard Campbell is co-author of Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story (Writer’s Digest Books). He sails with Windstar Cruises on their transatlantic crossings, where he offers Writing Your Life Story enrichment programs. He runs his own business, Guided Life Stories, near Toronto.


  1. “Happiness Defined” by Stacey Buchs
  2. “Not Alone” by Amy Watson
  3. “No Expectations” by Angela Thomas-Davis
  4. “Before the Door Closed” by Paula Drake
  5. Redeemed” by C. Laprie Roberts
  6. “Loss of Control” by Jill Viles
  7. “Cracked Wide Open” by Donna Fado Ivery
  8. “Amy’s Mom” by Rachel Posadas
  9. “The Call, the Call of Duty, and the Call Home” by Lindsey G.P. Bell
  10. “The Last Train to Sangok-dong” by Ida Soon-ok Hart

Honorable Mentions:

  • "A Bird's Eye View" by Judith Smith
  • "A Father's Remorse" by Mary Vela
  • "A Moment in Time" by Carole Sellman
  • "A Wonderful Family Reunion" by Martha Weller
  • "Against All Obstacles...(A True Story of Survival)" by Yvonne Samuels
  • "Blind Faith" by Cynthia Gayden
  • "Blocked" by Kristal M. Johnson
  • "Crossing the Valley" by Tracy Dipietro
  • "Dear Dystrophy" by Holly Nittoli
  • "Does Purgatory Exist" by May Hill
  • "Eat the Peaches" by Christine Eberle
  • "Faithful Love" by Teresa Dietrich
  • "Finding God in the Welfare Office" by Carol Huber
  • "Five Life-Changing Words" by James Meyer
  • "For the Broken" by Lauren Duffy
  • "Fret Not" by Barbara Rice
  • "From Time to Timing" by Mariah Julio
  • "Giving Fear to God" by Linda Wheeler
  • "Good Morning GOD-Heaven Never Takes a Holiday" by A.L. Smith
  • "How Jesus has touched my life" by Shalini Jindal
  • "I Am" by Sandy Paluzzi
  • "I Could Have Been Jane" by Wendy Hawkins
  • "Imagine That!" by Cameron Dryden
  • "Impossible Miracle" by Ann Kormos
  • "Introspect" by Andrea Hull
  • "La Loba" by Elizabeth Gould
  • "Life changers. Heart changers." by Tiffany Chariter
  • "Marshmallows and Bootstraps" by Teresa Weaver
  • "No Safety Nets Allowed" by Angela Hall
  • "Parenting and The Golden Rule - A Mother's Perspective" by Terri Porcuna
  • "Promise" by Stephanie Randle
  • "Resurrected" by Heidi Hoffman
  • "Tears, Tantrums and Trust" by Gayle Cox
  • "The Checkout Girl" by Robert Wicken
  • "The Heart of Man: Finding Jesus in the Prison" by Suzanne Rhodes
  • "The Rules of the Porch" by Debbie Goldstein
  • "The Summer My Life Changed" by Barbara Harper
  • "The Victorian hand mirror" by Tiffany Chartier
  • "Time" by Sallie M. Phillips
  • "Two Circles" by Douglas Atkins

Judge: Tamela Hancock Murray is a literary agent with The Steve Laube Agency ( Her experience as an award-winning, bestselling author helps her understand writing in today’s market. Tamela and her husband live in Virginia and are the parents of two lovely daughters. Find her on Facebook and Twitter @Tamela_Murray.

Children’s/Young Adult Fiction

  1. “Supernova” by Jennifer Sneed
  2. “Tree Roots: A Nigerian Wedding” by Sarah Martyn Crowel and Lillian Ihenetu
  3. “The Truth About Pirates” by Deborah Izzi
  4. “Monster” by Rebecca Vesperman
  5. “Mason’s Great Trick” by Mindy Weiss
  6. “It Was the Music” by Elisa Zied
  7. “Father Forgive” by Bethany Godwin
  8. “Between the Scenes” by Sophie Jackson
  9. “Blood Raven” by Becky Franklyn
  10. “Girl on Strike” by Emily Unland

Honorable Mentions:

  • "A Christmas Promise" by Bruce Benson
  • "A Starry Night on Kirby Street" by Norma Lewis
  • "Ahmed and the Water Pots" by Arloa Ten Kley
  • "Crack the Egg" by Marjorie Nanian
  • "Devil's Horn" by Emma Fox
  • "Fairy Light" by Rachel Greco
  • "Forever & Ever & For the Rest of Our Lives Together" by Benjamin Moore
  • "Glue Versus Tape" by Christine Van Zandt
  • "Jotunheim" by Keri Ann Beazell
  • "King Cake" by Nicole Wells
  • "Little Magenta Nightgown" by Katherine Blohm
  • "Magic Marigold" by Stephanie Erickson
  • "Making Waves" by Dara Henry
  • "Montana's Memory Day" by Sue Lawrence
  • "My Brother Philip" by Cindy Harper
  • "Never Forget Us (Hecaterra)" by Itzel Quintero Marmol Ramos
  • "Noises in the Night" by Lucy Dutton
  • "Not All Forever Things Are Bad" by Laura Adams
  • "Oh No...It's Maximo!" by Dawn Patitucci
  • "Peter the Little Bear" by Ms. Mercedes Arroyo
  • "Pokies" by Carla Lundgren
  • "Porter Picks a Partner" by Wendy Barton
  • "Rascal Takes the Cake" by Dara Henry
  • "River Crossing" by Lana Krumwiede
  • "Samuel's Gift" by Dwana Guntrum
  • "Sarah Smiles" by Nico Cunningham
  • "Secrets of the Swamp" by Bru Benson
  • "Segundis Cat" by Janet Hayward Burnham
  • "Set in Stones" by M.S. Hoff
  • "Sheep Strike the Peppercorn" by JoAnna Rowe
  • "Star Mountain" by Stephanie Ohanesian
  • "Summer" by Jennifer Hollingshead
  • "The Best Snowball Fight EVER" by Darcee Freier
  • "The Fox-Girl and Her Brother" by Caroline O
  • "The Hidden Witness" by Mellissa Meeks
  • "The Price of Curiosity" by Christine DeVincentis
  • "The Story Of Citronella" by Bru Benson
  • "The Truth of Monsters" by Susan Kusterle
  • "What I Didn't Know I Knew" by Michelle Henry
  • "Zip It Up!" by Cathy Jeannotte

Judge: Shelley Diaz previously worked at School Library Journal for nearly eight years, where she was most recently the YA editor and reviews manager. Prior, she worked for Penguin Young Readers and Scholastic Book Clubs as an editorial assistant. She has written for The New York Times and moderated several panels on diversity, censorship, and Spanish-language materials.

Genre Short Story

  1. “Feliz Navidead” by Bonnie Hearn Hill
  2. “Daddy Longlegs” by Les Hernandez
  3. “Cold Cabin” by John Salvage
  4. “The Lounge” by Chad Lester
  5. "The Anachronistic Heart” by Joe Frye
  6. “Happy Wife, Happy Life” by Caleb Posten
  7. “Extrication” by Wes Blalock
  8. “Princess” by Michele Freeman
  9. “A Rat Tale” by Julia Quay
  10. “The Bay-Facing Window” by Cory Claus

Honorable Mentions:

  • "A Deal With the Devil" by Carolyn Preston "A Dragon's Treasure" by Caitlyn Schmitt "A Perfect Imperfection" by Raymond Cech "A Permanent Vacation" by Charles Harmon "A Second Chance" by Rayah Leigh "Bird Legs" by Maura Beth Brennan "Broken Glass" by Anthony T. Lagler "Celtic Magic" by A.M. Rezelman "Cemetery Visitor" by Bill Burton "Change Your Mind" by Melissa Butler "Crow Baby" by Susan Bennett Lobo "Decroix Sonata Nocturne" by Jacques Denalt "Forget Me Not" by Laura Adams "His Hunt" by Aubrey Lidden "Honey for Hades" by M.E. Resnick "Infected" by Eric Reece "La Vie en Rose" by Barbara Diggs "Lay-Away Plan" by Jerry Rosenstein "Litter Bad" by Jan Molinari "Loose Ends" by Dave Cuzzolina "Luisa, Bandolero and the Sea" by Timothy Ambrose "Marty" by Linda Steele "Matter of Pride" by Ashley Brand "Mystery in Black and White" by Gail Pendleton "No Exceptions" by Esther Rogers "Now She is a Rose" by Marita Thomas "Pinot Noir" by Sarah Hammond "Second Chances" by Patricia Fox "Semper Fi" by Eric Beversluis "Starstruck" by Lisa Bailey "The Funland Gift Shop" by Michael Murray "The Note" by Gary Ponzo "The Passing Of Eleanor Rosen" by Aaron Berg "The Queen of the South Side" by Nathan Pettigrew "The Quick and the Dead" by Christine Powers "The Rise of Seven" by Melissa Muhlenkamp "The Sozzled Flapper (A Lilia Loverly Mystery)" by Abigail Leigh Reed "The Spy Two Point Oh" Michael King "Three Minutes" by Tessa Shaffer

Judge:Jeffrey Marks is an award-winning short story writer, mostly in the mystery genre. He is also the publisher of Crippen & Landru Publishers, which specializes in single-author mystery short story collections.

Mainstream/Literary Short Story

  1. “Imago” by Lucas Kater
  2. “The Sound Artist” by Thomas Cook
  3. “The Dispatcher” by Judith Janeway
  4. “The Packing List” by Matthew Mitchell
  5. “The Night Marchers” by Yvonne Nelson Perry
  6. “Sunday” by Charlie Salkever
  7. “Silver Limbs” by Lauren Bartel
  8. “The New Normal” by Alexander Jones
  9. “Moth” by Christine LeBel
  10. “Fire’s Comin’!” by Carolyn Dickinson

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Can Never Go Back" by Raquel Levitt
  • "Maria" by Patricia Striar Rohner
  • "And There Was No Sky..." by Devin Loving
  • "Atriolet" by Byron Navarro
  • "BIAS" by Frances Posner
  • "Barbara" by Kathleen Ward
  • "Canto at Soliloquy's Peak" by James-Elliot Irons
  • "Cattle on the pavement hiho and so on" by Barbara Fryer
  • "Civis Romanus Sum" by Mayra David
  • "Clave" by Amina Gautier
  • "Click on the Wolf" by Samuel Cronin
  • "Codified:Other" by Kimberly Much
  • "Crossing the Bridge" by Kim Rogers
  • "Drifters & Psyches" by Mark Taylor
  • "Failure to Thrive" by Alexander Jones
  • "For the Love of Family" by Jeffrey Brodsky
  • "FRANK" by Graham Kash
  • "Golden Gate" by Christina Kirsch
  • "In the blue room" by Crispin Anderlini
  • "Jenkins' Ear" by A.A. Tantia
  • "Just Dooley" by Barbara Tylla
  • "Last Things" by Lisa Glasgow
  • "No Angel" by Thomas McLean
  • "One Night in Amsterdam" by Lynn Joffe
  • "PRIME MERIDIAN" by G.K. Graves
  • "Rocket Man" by Sarah Nettesheim
  • "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Over) Critiqued" by Steven Yates
  • "She Didn't Speak" by Melissa Stiveson
  • "Teeth" by Jeanne Pfeffer
  • "The Diary of One Who Waits" by Dawn Rasmussen
  • "The Forest and Her Uncertainties" by Gordon Hawkins
  • "The Gardener's Song" by Lisa Comella
  • "The Glen Incident (Deemed Unfit for Publication)" by Jeffrey Li
  • "The Idiot and the Food Man" by Olaf Kroneman
  • "The King of Transference" by Katherine Carlson
  • "The Monstrous Form" by Nichelle Taylor
  • "Three Monkeys" by Graham Kash
  • "Twin Mickey" by Patrick Breeden
  • "What Happens Next" by Olivia Malone
  • "Wheaton House" by William E. Mueller

Judge: Maxx D. McKinley, M.A. is a Cincinnati-based writer, musician, and avid reader of all things fiction. He runs a local writers collective and is currently working on his second novel as well as the experimental comic book READ!

Rhyming Poetry

  1. “Spring” by Irene Rieger
  2. “Woodstock Alarm Clock” by Harvey Schwartz
  3. “Collied Carpets” by Stephen Colley
  4. “Eleven September Shoes” by Nelson Blish
  5. “Hallows Eve” by Mel Konner
  6. “Ararat” by Armen Davoudian
  7. “In Defense of Hell” by Armen Davoudian
  8. “Sister Death” by Carla Chervin
  9. “Passing” by Leland James
  10. “Falcon/Handler” by Elizabeth Cain

Honorable Mentions:

  • A New Song by Mary Kistel
  • a sonnet over dinner by Michael Miller
  • Baldwin Beach by Mel Konner
  • Dawn Moonset - Sunset Crater by Mel Konner
  • Decent/Descent by Nick Sweet
  • Electrical Engineer by Victoria Mary Fach
  • First Time by Nelson Blisch
  • From a tubercular ward/1917 by Leo Rivers
  • Grand Canyon Dawn by Mel Konner
  • Holding Up the Sky by Lessie Auletti
  • Kxai-kxai Dawn by Mel Konner
  • Land of the Lost by Richard A. Herman
  • Last Respects by Frederick Shultz
  • Loose Change by Mel Konner
  • Maun Sanctuary II by Mel Konner
  • May Into June by Lucia Haase
  • Maysa Gabriel by Fay Guinn
  • Memorium by Lauren de Vore
  • Never Ever Walk The Leadoff Batter by A.A. Rubin
  • No Snow by Rose P. Evelyn-Hall
  • Out of Balance by Philip Yff
  • Pantoum by Priscilla E. Pratt
  • Prometheus Unwanted by Patrick Walker
  • Sisters by Carla Chervin
  • Sixty Four Crayons by Anna Amatuzio
  • Sonnet for Dogwood by Bill Hinthorn
  • Sonnet For The Lake by Bilal Moon
  • Soundview Dawn - December by Mel Konner
  • The End of the Poem by David LeBlanc
  • The Sanctity of the Monarch Butterfly by Stephanie Evans
  • The Seagull by Sid Court
  • The Times I Cried by Nelson Blish
  • To My Sisters by Lessie Auletti
  • Tryst by Holly Woodward
  • Unwritten by Susan L. Lipson
  • Vermont Mom by Mel Konner
  • Villanelle: To a Young Boy at the Funhouse by Patrick Walker
  • What Can I Say? by Martha Lanser
  • When They Finally Wake in April by Jill Melchoir
  • words by Michael Miller

Judge: Nancy Susanna Breen has judged state and national poetry contests as well as competitions for Pennwriters and Writer’s Digest. Her new chapbook, Burying the Alleluia, was just published by Finishing Line Press as part of their New Women’s Voices series. She lives in Loveland, Ohio.

Non-Rhyming Poetry

  1. “The Landscape of My Son’s Abandoned Bedroom” by Suellen Wedmore
  2. “Pressure Changes at Snow Lines” by R.J. Keeler
  3. “Starch” by Tamara Drazic
  4. “Silver Swan” by Arien Alana Reed
  5. “Childhood Heliograph” by Carlie Hoffman
  6. “Vacuum Packed” by Miles Knecht
  7. “The Charm” by Toni Gilbert
  8. “Airport Poem” by Douglas Crago
  9. “Oblivious” by Jessika O’Sullivan
  10. “Visions for the Plaza Hotel, 2024” by Joshua Tyson

Honorable Mentions:

  • "#32" by Jack Robertson
  • "A Schedule of Wanting to be Touched" by Rose Cobb
  • "Above Guayaquil" Pay Anthony
  • "Adultery" by J.M. Fletcher
  • "Alive" by Amy Marbach
  • "Analysis" by Carol A. Calhoun
  • "And Now!" by Brian Timmerman
  • "Another Taxi Cab" by John S. Gilbertson
  • "Being Gay Before It's OK" by Carol A. Calhoun
  • "Burn" by Jennifer Wilson
  • "Chameleon" by Tonya Emil Harvey
  • "Deadweight" by Rebecca Buller
  • "Dirty Old Man" by Caitlin Johnson
  • "Displaced, circa 1961" by Karen Schulte
  • "Encountering RBG in an Elevator at Sloan Kettering" by Harvey Soss
  • "How to miss a friend" by Janet Karman
  • "If Shirts Could Talk" by Judith Marks-White
  • "Inhale, exhale" by Melissa Angell
  • "My Cello" by Kathleen Shaw
  • "New Hampshire Granite" by Jacqueline Sawyer
  • "Odyssea" by Caitlin Johnson
  • "On the Importance of Knowing When to Make an Entrance" by Lauren deVore
  • "Painting" by Nancy Shea
  • "Plagiarizing the Full Moon Chapter of Victor Pelevin's Omon Ra" by Lisa Nance
  • "Possibilities" by Nelson Blish
  • "Prima" by Christina Williams
  • "Ridding Up" by Carol A. Calhoun
  • "Rush" by Isabel Robinson
  • "Santa Claus" by Michael Abkin
  • "Seed" by Mel Elberger
  • "Sleeping Beauty" by Pamela Salmon
  • "Sonnenizio on a Line from ee cummings" by Suellen Wedmore
  • "Sounds of Silence" by Fay Guinn
  • "South of Mom" by Toni Gilbert
  • "The Stranger" by Mike Le Bonne
  • "This Old Dead-End Road" by Toni Gilbert
  • "UNBURIED (seventy years on)" by Elizabeth Cain
  • "Undressed" by Jakob Wood
  • "Vespers" by Mel Broderick Eaton

Judge: John Drury is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Sea Level Rising (Able Muse Press, 2015), as well as Creating Poetry and The Poetry Dictionary (Writer’s Digest Books). He teaches at the University of Cincinnati.

Script (Stage Play or TV/Movie)

  1. After Jerry by Ron Radice
  2. The Tragedy of Yorick (A Comedy) by Patrick Cannon
  3. The Fighting Unicorns by Will Zech
  4. Cult Fan by Gina Ronhovde
  5. Confessions of a Zombie Girl in a Human World by Karma Christine Salvato
  6. Say What? by Stuart Forrest
  7. The Lost Mission by John Fraim
  8. Revolutionary Spy by James Foye
  9. The Death of Captain Hero by Amy Crider
  10. The Copeland Kids by Cecilia Copeland

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mrs. McKee takes on the gang by Patricia J. Drake
  • 7 Minutes by John King
  • A Far-Fetched Fairy Tale by Sue Tilberry
  • After Blueshift by Patti Wittenberg
  • Atlantic by Renee Lo Iacono
  • Bastards in Hell by Michael James
  • Beyond Our Reach by Michael J. French
  • Buying In by David Allyn
  • Charlie Horse by Zack Frizzell
  • Commune1 by David Allyn
  • Consent by Frank Avella
  • Deathe Steppe by Judy Bruce
  • Dogs by Tom Messener
  • Edith: President of the United States by Timothy Andrew McIntosh
  • Five Women by Richie Abanes
  • Games of Cartomancy by Kai Dao
  • Ghost of the Mind's Eye by Mark Mockett
  • Inversion by Aditya Putcha
  • Jack & Gil by Colin MacLeod
  • Love and War Without End by Martin Blinder
  • Love or Money by Cynthia Webb
  • Loverly by Mala Burt
  • Mayday by Karen Harrington
  • Santa Clarita Diet by Karma Christine Salvato
  • Searching for Four Leaf Clovers by Kennebrew Surant
  • Terra Firma by Pablo de Palma
  • The Bubble by Justin Lewis
  • The Camp Follower by Rebecca Gackler
  • The Charcot Phenomenon by George Lee
  • The Hound, The Hare, and The Hallway by Andy Dispensa
  • The Journey...Finding Laney by Patricia Zell
  • The Lost Virginity Tour by Cricket Daniel
  • The Middle—The Fancy Party by Julia Antuerpem
  • The Outskirts of Paradise by Montgomery Burt
  • The Punch Bowl Bumpoff by Zan Hall
  • The Red Assassin by Alan Smith
  • The Sentinel Rises by Thomas Mason Jr.
  • The Watcher Within by William Appel
  • Vulture Meat by Tom Lavagnino
  • Whatever Happened to Julia Christie by Murray Mednick

Judge: Lisa Gomez is a screenwriter and novelist residing in Los Angeles. With her twin sister, she has written a Sherlock Holmes novella, placed twice in the semifinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, and written and performed music in London, San Francisco, Orlando, Fla., and LA. She has done professional script coverage and judging for Writer’s Digest, The Robb Company, The Writers Store, and BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

Print or Online Article

  1. “Amazon Prime Review: Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born (2018)” by Hunter Goddard
  2. “Miracle Workers: Patrons of the Hearts Giving the Gift of Life” by Karen Rieley
  3. “Lea Thompson: Defying the Odd With Her Spectacular Career” by Sheryl Aronson
  4. “Women Share Tales At ‘Stories Around the Table’” Holly Rizzuto Palker
  5. “An Ordinary Man” by Mildred Dennis
  6. “Possessing Peace” by Felicia Ferguson
  7. “Four Singers Represent Three in ‘Leading Ladies Liberated’” by Greg Waxberg
  8. “Louisiana Downs On the Fast Track” by Elizabeth Deal
  9. “Buyer Beware: The Case Against Getting an MFA in Acting” by Amy Clites
  10. “Red, Red Wine, You Make Us Feel So Fine: It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time Again!” by Kathy Bradshaw

Honorable Mentions:

  • "What's Wrong With That Boy?" 6 ways to talk to your kids about disabilities by Katy Epline
  • 25 Great Things about Tennis by Paul Fein
  • A Holly Jolly Tricentennial: 300 Years (or Almost) of Christmas in New Orleans by Kathy Bradshaw
  • A Kidney For Sue by Mary Jo Hazard
  • A Tale of Two Funerals by Nancy Bennett
  • An Immigrant's Tale by Richard Muti
  • Antioxidants in cancer: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing by Dr Geethanjali Bhas
  • Are Regional Theatre Actors Third Rate? by Amy Clites
  • Blessings of a Mother: Eej Khad, the Mother Rock of Mongolia by Angela Waldron
  • Booker T. Washington's Compromise by Christine Norvell
  • Creating Digital Content By PodCast by John MaGuirk
  • Donald Trump, Thank You? by Teresa Burns Gunther
  • Don't Call Me Lucky: On female physicians' experiences of gender bias from patients by Jennifer Lycette
  • Evacuating with 3-Year-Old Twins and a Geriatric Dog by Kristen Maree Cleary
  • For the Love of Moki by Pamela Sneddon
  • GOLDEN TIMES report on Seeing and Hearing with New Eyes by Dretha Phillips
  • Having an Epiphany: 300 Years of January 6 by Kathy Bradshaw
  • How Should Female Athletes Be Portrayed? by Paul Fein
  • If Looks Could Kill: The Power of the Evil Eye by Angela Waldron
  • In the Age of Greatness by Elaine Howley
  • Incredible Journey: Polar Bears Now Going Where They Never Went Before by Cheryl Katz
  • Is There Still an American Dream? by Elizabeth Bergstone
  • Jacqueline Kennedy: Tragedy, Triumph, and the Making of Camelota by James Dickman
  • Judge Holden, Cormac McCarthy's Inscrutable Villain from Blood Meridian by Michael Walker
  • Long Lines with Little Ones by Lisa Chow
  • Modern TV Technology by Barbara Cunningham
  • Opportunity Knocking by Diane Earhart
  • Our Soon-to-Be National Crisis by Vivek Nair
  • Photographer David Leventi takes Readers Center Stage in OPERA by Greg Waxberg
  • Pop Culture: The Champagne-Drinker's Guide to New Year's Eve by Kathy Bradshaw
  • Sister Swimmers by Elaine Howley
  • The Dilemma of Race by Alan McGowan
  • Two Worlds, One Patient by Suzanne Rhodes
  • Who Am I? Unveiling Our Genealogical Past by Cynthia Reynolds
  • Why I Love Horse Racing and the Racehorse Swaps by Allison Wilcox
  • Why Not Kung Pao by Lisa Chow
  • You Are What You Eat by Joseph Halstead

Judge: J.D. Myall is a self-proclaimed literary lunatic, who is crazy about reading and thinks writing is like breathing. Myall earned her B.S. in criminal justice from West Chester University and has worked as a counselor for crime victims, addicts, and the mentally ill. Myall is a contributor to WD, Ms. magazine, and HuffPost. For more information, visit

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