Fantasy Book Publishers Open to Submissions

Here are fantasy book publishers open to submissions from previous Market Spotlights on the Publishing Insights blog. This list will be updated regularly.
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Here are fantasy book publishers open to submissions from previous Market Spotlights on the Publishing Insights blog. This list will be updated regularly.

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Not all book publishers require a literary agent for writers to submit their work. In fact, some book publishers prefer unagented submissions. That said, the process for submitting to a book publisher is often very similar to submitting to agents. For instance, writers should always double-check submission guidelines before submitting, because they can often change over time depending on their current needs and preferences.

(Learn how to write the perfect query letter here.)

In this post, I've collected recently spotlighted book publishers who are accepting fantasy fiction submissions. This list will be updated regularly with new publishers added to the top.

Equinox Books

Founded this year, Equinox Books is a small, independent publisher that just opened up for submissions earlier this month. The editors say, "We'll be looking for quality fiction: from fantasy to mystery to romance, with a little of everything in between."

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Equinox Books is the first imprint CamCat Publishing, LLC, which also launched this year by founder Sue Arroyo. As listed on the website, Equinox Books was launched "for the love of story, those tales that bewitch and dazzle you, grab a hold of you and won’t let go."

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Parvus Press

Founded in 2016 by two lifelong friends, Parvus Press is a science fiction and fantasy publisher that’s currently open to submissions from writers. While they are a newer and smaller press, Parvus does pay advances of $500-1,000 for novels with digital royalties that start at 15% and escalate up to 50% (paid quarterly).

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From their website: "Our background is in building winning teams, and that's the approach that governs us in the publishing process. You bring your talent as a storyteller, and we bring together all of the designers, artists, editors, marketing, and production needed to help your book find the biggest audience it can."

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DAW Books

It’s not every day that a writer has the ability to submit directly to one of the major book publishers, specifically an imprint of Penguin Random House. But writers of science fiction and fantasy can do just that by submitting to DAW Books. DAW’s claim to fame is that they were the first publishing company devoted exclusively to science fiction and fantasy back in 1971.

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A few of their recent releases include Pariah, by W. Michael Gear; Finder, by Suzanne Palmer; Empire of Grass, by Tad Williams; and The Master of Dreams, by Mike Resnick.

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