Show Your True Self

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The Glimmer Train Guide to Writing Fiction: Building Blocks (Vol.1) edited by Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda B. Swanson-Davies

Sigrid Nunez says, "You have a relationship to the world and to people and there is so much that you don't let people see. Of course, that's true of everyone. There's something about writing passionately or intensely that enables you to expose yourself, in a way, and show your mind at work and your imagination at play and what kind of sensibility you truly have. This doesn't have to be in an autobiographical work; this can be in any kind of writing. I don't think that much of all that comes out in your daily life, so I think that you're showing so much of who you are and how you feel about things, and your view of the world, through your writing. Absolutely."

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