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Jerry Seinfeld’s 5-Step Comedy Writing Process

Former WD staffer Jess Zafarris crossed paths with Jerry Seinfeld, who shared his comedy writing process. His tips are not only useful for aspiring standup comedians, but also have broader applications for writers looking to add comedic elements to their own work.

The Complicated Reality of a Minority Writer—UPDATED

UPDATE: California Coldblood, publisher of Tynes' novel They Called Me Wyatt, announced they are canceling its publication after an incident on Twitter on May 10th, a few days after this article originally published. As several links to this post were part of the incident coming to light, we've decided to leave...

How Shame Can Stop You From Fulfilling Your Writing Potential

Journalist-turned-writing coach Greta Solomon explains that writer’s block can come from factors such as the fear that your draft won’t live up to your expectations. Read on to learn about her exercise to stop this creative drain. Do you find it difficult to write what you really want to write? Does...