Seek the Wisdom of Others

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The Writer's Book of Wisdom

People outside the business often say that writers create in a vacuum. Alone in their own heads. Lost in another world. The source of your vision and first attempts at articulating it are, to be sure, fiercely personal. But when it comes to communicating that vision most effectively, you have to get advice from outside experts.

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Critique groups bring you into contact with talented writers. Join one. Share your work, and have others share theirs with you. Unlike criticism offered by friends and family, you'll receive unbiased feedback from fellow craftsmen. Learn from their suggestions and from their mistakes.

Whatever revisions they suggest, let some fall away. Make use of the ones you like discard the junk. Never argue about or defend your work. Simply listen. Criticism will follow you no matter where you go, so get used to it. And grow from it. You're on your way to being a professional.