Helping Other Writers

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Some Writers Deserve to Starve by Elaura Niles

Writer's rarely help other writers. Here are some ways to adjust your actions:

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  • It's not always about you. A bee goes to the flowers for the nectar. He doesn't know that he is serving the greater good by pollinating. The good of an action is often not seen by the person perpetuating it. Try anyway. Trust your instincts. Expect nothing in return. Be surprised if fruit shows up later.
  • It's not action/reaction. Contacts aren't trading cards. "I'll show you mine if your show me yours" was cliche in kindergarten and it's a worse attitude now. Be generous. Go first. Hope for the best. Expect nothing.
  • Learn to receive. It binds us together. If someone offers you a stick of gum or lead on an agent, take it, thank them, and know that that is enough. You have shared something.
  • Double dealing and sneaky tactics don't pay off in the long run. If you want an introduction to someone's agent, simply ask. They can always say no. Don't be offended. Never try to play them by offering information in hopes that they will return in kind. Never pretend to have more start connections or experience than you have (you'll be found out and shunned).
  • Always keep your mind and eyes open. Just ask the bee doesn't know his effect on the world, often we don't either, but if you pay attention, sometimes you may catch a glimpse of the big picture.
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