10 Steps to Overcome Resistance

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Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D.

1. Create an outline. Working within a structure helps you stay
2. Break the writing down into small, doable tasks.
3. Know the next step. This will keep you from feeling so overwhelmed and confused.
4. Hold yourself accountable. There are also numerous goal-setting Web sites where people state their goals for all to see.
5. Gather support. Look into joining a writing group. Or you may be lucky enough to have your family and friends to cheer you on. Remember, you, your fellow writers, and your supporters are all in this together.
6. Be specific. Articulate your goals (and remember to be realistic). Being specific about your goals is the only way to know how to go about achieving them and the extent to which they’ve been met.
7. Visualize the entire goal from start to finish. This is no time to try to wing it. You’ve got to stay focused, and planning out exactly how you’re going to achieve your goal is essential to
your writing success.
8. Create a deadline. Some people say the only thing you need to write a book is a deadline.
9. Celebrate your successes. Staying motivated is crucial here. Even the smallest achievement is worthy of acknowledgment.
10. Make it a habit. They say it takes 30 days to break old habits and instill new ones. Write every day for 30 days, and writing will be a new habit.

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