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The Biggest, Most Exciting Launch Since I've Been Publisher of Writer's Digest

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It's been a busy and productive spring here at the Writer's Digest offices, and I realized this morning that I am long overdue in mentioning our newest launch, as well as other new products.

Biggest, Most Exciting Launch Since I've Been Publisher at Writer's Digest

Earlier this month, we went live with Writer's Digest University, which is a re-launch of our Writer's Online Workshops program. This site serves as a new way for you to review all of our online education opportunities in one place (workshops, critiques, webinars, as well as other new features soon to come!).

We've also moved to a dynamic and flexible workshop platform, Blackboard, considered to be best-in-class for online education. You can give it a try—for free!—with a sample mini-course I developed called Creating a Saleable Nonfiction Book Concept.

To stay up-to-date on all new offerings from Writer's Digest University, visit its homepage to sign up for the newsletter.

One-of-a-Kind Offers This Month
Writer's Digest Shop

We just loaded up our Shop with 40 new e-book products (PDF versions of our print titles). Later this year, we'll have ePub formats available for select titles.

If you didn't know, our Shop offers Amazon-like pricing everyday, as well as free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Special offers happening RIGHT NOW:

  • 40% off 2010 Market Books (while supplies last!) including Writer's Market, Guide to Literary Agents, Poet's Market, Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market, and Novel & Short Story Writer's Market.

For Easiest Access Ever of Writer's Digest Back Issues

We JUST released an amazing 10-year compilation of Writer's Digest, from 2000-2009. Everything is in PDF form, linked, and fully searchable.

We do have distant dreams of creating similar compilations for earlier decades (… if you'd like to come to our offices and volunteer to hand-scan them for us …)

Digital Subscriptions to Writer's Digestmagazine

We also now offer digital subscriptions to the magazine, delivered as PDFs to your e-mail inbox. This is an excellent option for people abroad, or anyone who is an iPad early adopter. (We recommend GoodReader as a PDF reader.)

Finally: My favorite product from Writer's Digest is now available internationally.

And for Canadians, too! Go check out the VIP program (Writer's Digest magazine sub, plus sub, plus 10% off all Shop orders for a year, plus a free webinar recording).


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