Ad Astra is the official publication of the National Space Society. This quarterly magazine goes out to all its members, libraries, schools, and businesses.

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The editors say, “Ad Astra is open to unsolicited submissions, but prefers queries from writers, photographers, and artists interested in assignments for future issues of the magazine.”

Payment is 25¢/word.

What They’re Looking For

Ad Astra publishes articles focused on space exploration. Specifically, they’re looking for:

  • Features. Length: 1,200-4,000 words with two to eight full-size color images.
  • Book reviews and profiles. Length: 600-750 words.
  • Sidebars. Length: 100-600 words.

The editors say, “Ad Astra (‘to the stars’) is the award-winning magazine of the National Space Society, featuring the latest news in space exploration and stunning full-color photography.”

How to Submit

The editors prefer writers query first via email at That said, they will accept unsolicted manuscripts too.

The editors say, “Queries should include areas of expertise and interest, recent publication credits, and samples of work.”

Click here to learn more and submit.