Pitch Your Work at the Writer's Digest Conference

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Next week, the annual Writer's Digest Conference will convene again in the heart of New York City. It includes an extensive pitch slam offering an opportunity to pitch your work to agents (more than 50 are attending)—speed dating style.

I'll also be there to present the following:

  • Your Publishing Options: Should you pursue self-publishing, try to get the attention of a large publisher, or set your sights on a small press? I objectively present the options and how to decide based on your career goals.
  • Panel: DIY Publishing: This session breaks down in great detail the many paths you can take and how to be
    successful at each. What are the benefits? What are the limitations?
    What are the dangers?

If you haven't yet registered, you can still do so, either in advance or on-site. Use my speaker code, WDspeaker, to get $70 off.