Excellent (and Free) Presentation on Self-Publishing

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At our conference last week, April Hamilton gave an in-depth presentation on the basics of getting started in self-publishing—or as an indie author.

Click here to download her presentation as a PDF file.

I blogged some tips from her session on the Writer's Digest Conference blog, which I'm reposting below.

April's definition of an indie author
An indie author is not someone
who is using self-publishing as a desperation move, but as a carefully
considered and conscious decision to self-publish. An indie author is a
businessperson and an entrepreneur.

Some easy ways to create e-books

  • Easy-easy (one-click publishing): Scribd
  • Easy-easy (one-click publishing): Smashwords
  • A little more complicated: Amazon DTP (Kindle)
  • Add-on option with POD services like Lulu

Choosing a POD or self-pub service

April gets down to brass tacks when it comes to choosing a
publishing/POD service based on the upfront costs and back-loaded fees—plus how you want (or they want!) to price your book. Lots of useful
charts and graphs in her presentation showing how to do the math.

You can get a taste of this by looking at her blog post that compares Lulu and CreateSpace.

If you're considering self-publishing, be sure to check out April's community site devoted to your indie-author options: Publetariat.

(I also recommend Self-Publishing Review.)