15 Worthy Blogs I Just Discovered

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I recently received the "One Lovely Blog Award" from Jillian Livingston (go check out isdisnormal—and you must if you are a mom). My thanks to her for introducing me to this concept.

As a result of being honored, I've been asked to note 15 blogs I recently discovered that I find worthy of the award.

above: A sign at a Buddhist temple advises that those with good eyes
are inclined to fall into deep wells—which is how I feel when I
discover a great new blog!)

So: here are blogs I've added lately to my Google Reader. (You can see my shared items from Google Reader here, and I accept sharing requests too if you use Google Reader.)

(1) Digital Book World
This is the newest blog launch from F+W, but it's backed by the inimitable Guy Gonzalez.
A good read for savvy writers who want a larger understanding of
publishing industry challenges. (Note: Digital Book World is offering a free webinar on "The Truth About eBooks" on October 21.)

(2) When Fridays Were Fridays
by someone who started working for a large company right out of college
and stayed 30 years. I feel a cosmic connection to this person, because
in 17 years, I wonder if my "About Me" will look exactly the same. I
particularly like her post Have You Ever Faked It?

(3) What Consumes Me by Bud Caddell
You'll love it at first sight.

(4) Kenny Moore
Kenny is the co-author of The CEO and the Monk. I love how compassionate and human his advice is, while still being practical and appropriate for a corporate setting.

(5)Start Up Blog
I feel like I'm getting a better business training here than I would at a university.

(6) Self-Publishing Review
site that benefits from a multitude of contributors. Professional and
quality information, with a bit of magazine style to it (lead stories,
resources, features).

(7)Fiction Matters
it's not here just because they complimented me lately (or because of a
bourbon affinity discovered on Twitter … well, maybe a little). Check out their guidebook, then peruse tips.

(8) My Name Is Not Bob
By the charming Robert Brewer, editor of WritersMarket.com. He is also blogger at Poetic Asides, but this is his personal blog, just launched on August 14. He's been a little quiet lately, but I know he'll be active again.

(9)The Sound and Furry
And this one is by the customer service rep behind WritersMarket.com, who is herself an aspiring children's writer. Great tips here for writers, plus cats (a great accent for every blog).

(10) Information Is Beautiful
Always amazing and share-worthy posts.

(11) Clay Shirky
Very infrequent posts, but outstanding quality when it comes to contemplating the future of media.

(12) The Book Oven
Something for everyone—especially writers—to keep an eye on.

(13) Publishing Trends
Their best content will cost you, but they still post really wonderful insider information for free.

(14) Bad Pitch Blog
not directly tied to writing/publishing, read this long enough and
you'll become a better salesperson and promoter of your ideas. A
totally new find and I love it.

OK, I purposely stopped at 14.
You tell me what No. 15 should be—based on the best last blog that's
been added to your RSS reader or bookmark list. (Wondering about RSS readers? Read my tip on how to save time with an RSS reader.)