Best Writing Advice (According to Writers) - Plus Winner of Contest

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My thanks to all of you who
took time to comment for my
blog anniversary contest
, and offer links to the most helpful
writing advice you've found online.

As a handy
reference, I thought I'd share links to all of the sites and articles


the Rubber Meets the Road by agent Rachelle Gardner


to Work Less by Renegade Writer Linda Formichelli

Wailing Wall, A Laboratory, A Junk Drawer
by Joy Castro


Your Novel by Jo Lamb-White


Single Most Powerful Writing Tool You'll Ever See That Fits on One Page
by Larry Brooks

Encouragement for Aspiring Writers
by Liz Curtis Higgs


to Make Your Novel a Page Turner by Elizabeth Sims (at Writer's

Script Frenzy
(overview of resources)

Nathan Bransford's FAQs


Is a Consequence by Lilith Saint Crow


Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity


Skills Does a Writer Need to Develop? by agent Chip MacGregor


Structure Series #1: The Four Parts of a Story by Larry Brooks


More like DIRE-logue!!! by Victor Finch

Do You Use Sensory Details?


Can't Make Something a Phenomenon by agent Nathan Bransford


the Time to Write by Yasmine Galenorn


Vs. Plot, Ghost Vs. Bones: Discuss by Chuck Wendig

by Michael Hauge

Bob Mayer's Who
Dares Wins Writing Tips

Now, for the moment
you've been waiting for.

The randomly selected winner from all
comments is Rick Carroll.


Rick! I'll be dropping you a note soon about your VIP

prize, as well as a free registration to the next Writer's Digest Editors'

credit: hellojenuine

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Your Story #113

Write a short story of 650 words or fewer based on the photo prompt. You can be poignant, funny, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story.