READERS POLL: Should the Writers Guild Accept the DGA's Deal with the AMPTP?

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Today marks Day 74 of the Writers Strike... and the sixth day of the Directors Guild's negotiations with the AMPTP. All of Hollywood is watching with baited breath to see if the DGA closes a deal... and many people believe that if they do, their contract could serve as a template to restart the Writers Guild's stalled negotiations.

This could be a good thing... if the DGA makes a deal that's agreeable to the Writers Guild.

But it could also be a bad thing. If the DGA makes a deal that's not agreeable to the writers, the WGA could feel pressure from all sides-- and from within-- to accept it anyway, simply to end the strike. Plus, the AMPTP could issue a "take-it-or-leave-it" ultimatum; if they have an deal with one guild, they could say, they're not going to give more to another guild.

And as Variety reports in today's issue, if the WGA balks-- or refuses to accept the DGA's terms-- it could fracture the Guild, reportedly already rife with internal tension. Some writers want the WGA to readily accept the DGA's terms in order to end the strike; others want the Guild to keep fighting for writers' rights, even if it means prolonging the work stoppage. Still others are urging the Guild to review the DGA's contract, and-- if it's a fair starting point-- use it as a starting point for new negotiations, taking the time to try and negotiate a similar deal for writers.

Although no one knows how this will play out, the industry is abuzz with rumors that the DGA's deal is imminent... which means the Writers Guild may soon have to make some tough decisions.

So what do you all think? Should the Writers Guild accept the DGA's contract with the AMPTP? Should they hold out for their own principles? Should they consult the Screen Actors Guild, which has been supportive of the WGA and has its own contract negotiations coming up in June?

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