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Happy April Fools' Day from Writer's Digest

Need a laugh? Check out some fake Writer's Digest coverlines in honor of April Fools' Day.
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Happy April Fools' Day everyone! I hope your day has gone swimmingly thus far, with no kids getting up at 5 a.m. to turn everything in the house upside down or put cling wrap under the toothpaste cap. Here's an April Fools' Day game that never gets old: count how many of your friends announce a pregnancy or engagement on social media today. Oh boy! The originality of this joke gets me every time.

Writer's Digest has also partook in its share of April Fools' Day hijinks over the years. (See the 2018 joke cover Writer's Digestion). The editors of the April 1974 edition of the magazine went as far as making their joke cover the actual cover of the issue. It was the age of the celebrity magazine editor (read: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)! Was 60 cents the actual price or another joke? I was born in the '90s so I can't tell! (The other WD editors have told me that 60 cents was, indeed, the price of a magazine in the '70s.) What clever phony coverlines!

In the spirit of creating silly fake coverlines for Writer's Digest, here are some of my own:

The WD Interview: Kanye West

Write in Style: 10 Pajama Sets to Add to Your Work From Home Wardrobe

How to Get Your Book Written (By Just Talking About It All the Time)

5 Lawyers to Hire When Readers Discover Your Internet Celebrity Memoir is Pure Fiction

Lunch Poems: Frank O' Hara Reveals the Best Snacks to Spark Creativity

The Best Tips on Writing Concisely By Tom Wolfe

How I Wrote Fight Club While Working As a Mechanic By Tyler Durden

Use the Word Arpeggio Without Sounding Like Thesaurus Abuse

Do you have a phony Writer's Digest coverline to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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