Happy Holidays, Movie Lovers!

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Hey, everyone--

First of all, huge thanks to Matt and Wendy for your super-nice comments after yesterday's post! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you guys, and those comments made my day. Please keep reading... and posting!

Second of all... I'm gonna take things slow over the next couple of holiday weeks. I'll still try and post a bit, but I'm gonna relax as much as possible till the end of the year.

Having said that, I still have an inbox full of questions, comments, thoughts, and Pitch Workshop submissions, so if you've sent something in, I promise-- I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU! Merik, Erica, Ronke-- don't worry... your questions (all of which are great) shall not go unanswered! Plus, we've got some cool stuff coming up... an interview with author and animator Ellen Besen, movie critiques, and book reviews of some interesting new filmmaking books (Bankroll, GreenScreen Made Easy, The Invisible Cut... and more!)...

But right now... I had to pass along this awesome montage of great movie speeches, put together by Matthew Belinkie, who runs the website Overthinking It. (And special thanks to my friend Rick for passing this along!) If you like movies-- and I'm guessing you wouldn't be here if you didn't-- you will LOOOVE this. Seriously-- I've watched it like a million times already, and each time I wanna laugh.. and cry... and laugh... and cry again. It's like a celebration of everything you've ever loved...

(Okay, I just watched it again... I'm convinced this may be the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life...)

(P.S. Just watched it again. FUCKING AWESOME.)

Happy Holidays... and I'll talk to you all soon!

(P.P.S. It's now Christmas morning and I just watched this again. I have to know-- seriously-- HAS THERE EVER BEEN ANYTHING COOLER THAN THIS???!!!)

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