2011 Memoir Writing Winners - Writer's Digest

2011 Memoir Writing Winners

Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Memoir Writing winners of the 80th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition!
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Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Memoir Writing winners of the 80th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition!

First Place Winner:

Judy Belsky
Chicago IL

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The Top 100

Judy Belsky
Chicago IL Dawn Goodwin
Carrollton GA Karl Williams
Tunkhannock PA Suzanne Morrone
San Jose CA Hayley F. Pike
Pompano Beach FL Laura Tokie
Ortonville MI Renate Fleck
East Brunswick NJ Jocelyn Cerrudo Sese
Queens Village NY Bonita L Sargeant
Los Olivos CA Alice Coggin Bagley
Palmetto GA Darlene M. Glass
Cleveland OH Sharon Gillespie
Austin TX Irene Collette Cullen
Dearborn MI Gloria Larrieu
Fennville MI Elizabeth Rivas
Long Beach CA Julia Sportolari
Chicago IL J. A. Hijiya
South Dartmouth MA Mark Nassutti
Vashon Island WA J. Luciano Fallad
Coral Gables FL David Atman
Eugene OR Susan Brown
New York NY Terry Dawley
Wattsburg PA Amy Miller
Liberty ME Dan Tomasulo
Asbury Park NJ Julie Prince
Bronx NY Brigitte Barry
Lincroft NJ Vince Feleccia
Humble TX Elizabeth (Willie) Towles
Charlotte NC Joan Zacharias
Thunder Bay ON Kathleen Crowley
Belmont MA Joan Rattay
Phoenix AZ Kathleen D. Gallagher
Akron OH Stacey Brook
New York NY Melissa Fisher Adami
Dallas TX Bette Dee
New York NY K. S. Koop
Henderson NV Alice Coggin Bagley
Palmetto GA Sable Blair
Walnut Creek CA Leah VanDivner
Worcester PA David Boyle
Chicago IL Wendy Pierman Mitzel
Suffield CT Joey Holland
Greenville SC Betsy Bitner
Clifton Park NY Elizabeth Warkentin
Montreal West PQ Bonnie S. Linder
Fairfax VA Marshal Taylor
Las Vegas NV Catherine Read
Annandale VA Barbara V. Evers
Greer SC Irena Kot Saratoga
Springs NY

Sarah J. Schanzenbach
Belle Fourche SD Alessandra Bianchi
Marblehead MA Lynn Sanchez McClintock
Studio City CA Karen S. Zhang
Centreville VA Jack Shakely
Rancho Mirage CA Stephen W. Keene
Summerland Key FL Mary W. Bridgman
Starke FL Greg Larson
Overland Park KS Nancy Rhodes Hanson
Novato CA Kiera Outlaw
Bayswater Other Lisa Crewe
Palatine IL S.C. Underwood
Sequim WA Melody Gough
Reno NV L. Jaye Fisher
Didsbury AB Nancy James
Santa Monica CA Erica Herd
Rochelle Park NJ Jennifer Mueller
Nashville TN Bill Nichols
Atlanta GA Susanna Solomon
San Anselmo CA L.B. Blackwell
Chattanooga TN Kelley Williams
Vero Beach FL Clyde Parrish
Cincinnati OH Richard Humphries
San Francisco CA Karen Turner
Mornington Other Angelica Cruz
Manila Other J. Luciano Fallad
Coral Gables FL John S. Bis
Youngstown NY Audre O'Lenick
Coraopolis PA Corinne Ward
Metairie LA Hannah Yakin
Jerusalem Other Michele Forsten
New York NY Kelly Rheel
Brooklyn NY Kyle Capogna
Grand Rapids MI Jen Stocks
Raleigh NC Sandra Ostrander
Eureka Springs AR Maria Grigoriadis
Jamaica Plain MA Vanessa Gravenstine
New York NY Kaelin Rene Ball
Randolph NJ Kathryn Cureton
Bonne Terre MO Teri Davis
Union OH C. L. Mohn
New Cumberland PA Julie Marie Wade
Louisville KY Megan Risley
Seattle WA Gabriel Amor
New York NY Stan Matthews
Friday Harbor WA Lorna Lee Earl
Plattsburgh NY Jessica Laufer-Lowenhar
Greenlawn NY Stan Matthews
Friday Harbor WA Katherine Manion
Urbandale IA Sharon Sigler
Dryden MI

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