62 of the Top Writing Articles from 2013 (That Can Help You in 2014)

Over the past year I posted articles on this blog that covered everything—from grammar to writing better characters to getting published and more. Here's a cheat sheet linking to what I consider the 62 best articles that can help you reach your writing goals.
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Over the past year I posted articles on this blog that covered everything—from grammar to writing better characters to getting published and more. Here's a cheat sheet linking to what I consider the 62 best articles that can help you reach your writing goals. I broke it down into categories, as you'll see below. These articles can help you no matter what phase of the writing process you are in. My goal is to help you move your writing career forward, and, by making this easy-to-reference guide, you'll have a chance to bookmark it and have a one-stop place to help you have a successful year of writing.

Here's to your best year of writing yet! ~Brian

4 Articles on Grammar

Affect vs. Effect

Fewer vs. Less

Into vs. In To

Don’t Split Infinitives – Fact or Myth?

11 Articles on Writing Better Fiction

5 Ways to Develop a Book Idea

6 Secrets of Writing a Novel Without an Outline

How to Write a Novel Readers Won’t Put Down

The 5 Biggest Fiction Writing Mistakes (& How to Fix Them)

The Two Pillars of Novel Structure

7 Reasons to Write an Entire 1st Draft before Going Back to the Beginning

How to Prevent Predictable Plots

How to Create Tension Through Misdirection

6 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Suspense

How to Improve Your Writing: Subplots and Subtext

5 Ways to Make the Ordinary Menacing in Your Suspense Novel

3 Articles on Novel Writing the End of Your Novel

How to Craft a Happy Ending

How to Structure a Killer Novel Ending

How to Write the Last 10% of Your Novel

2 Articles on Thriller Writing

10 Things to Remember When Writing a Legal Thriller

10 Things Shakespeare Can Teach Us About Writing Thrillers

7 Articles on Writing Better Characters

How to Write a Character From Start to Finish

4 Ways to Motivate Characters and Plot

How to Make Ordinary Characters Compelling

6 Ways to Write Better Bad Guys

How to Push Your Characters to Their Limits

How To Make Your Setting a Character

How to Write Better Heroes and Villains: Archetypes

4 Articles on Querying Agents/Query Letters

4 Things to Consider When Researching Literary Agents

The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Query Letter

Answers to 14 Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask Literary Agents

Checklist: The 6 Essentials for Submitting Your Novel to Agents

7 Articles on Freelance Writing

5 Tips to Help You Land Freelance Assignments That Pay

How Not to Lose Assignments & Infuriate Editors

The 8 Secrets of Great Copywriting

How to Make Money Writing for the Web

What You Need to Know About Pitching Your Christian Writing

Freelance Writing: 5 Tips for Pitching Anniversary-Themed Articles

10 Things Your Freelance Editor Might Not Tell You—But Should

4 Articles on How to Get Published

3 Ways to Get Published: How to Turn Your Manuscript into a Published Book

4 Reasons You Need a Business Plan for Your Book

The 4 Best Strategies for Savvy Self-Publishers

Don’t Be Afraid of Indie Publishing

7 FAQs About Writing/Publishing

Book Contract: What’s Negotiable and What’s Not

How Much Can an Editor Edit My Work?

Can You Use a Book Title That’s Been Used Before?

The 411 on Contest Guidelines and Formatting for Writers

Memoir vs. Autobiography

Can You Copyright an Idea?

10 Questions Writers Must Ask Before Quitting Their Day Job

6 Articles on Inspiration for Writers

7 Reasons Writing a Book Makes You a Badass

How to Develop Any Idea Into a Great Story

5 Ways to Come Up With Great Story Ideas

7 Creative Writing Prompts To Spark Your Writing

5 Things That Should Be On Every Writer’s Bucket List

How to Turn Traumatic Experiences Into Fuel For Your Writing

2 Articles on Editing/Revision

The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Editing

Cut Your Story Down to Size

2 Articles on Writing Advice from Legends

5 Quotes on Writing from Elmore Leonard

I Just Keep It Simple: Tell the Damn Story (RIP Tom Clancy)

3 Articles Everything Else Writing

8 Ways Any Writer Can Get Started in the Craft of Playwriting

How to Become a Travel Writer

Writing MEME of the Week – Keep that TV Away From Me!

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Carla Malden: Writing With Optimism and Innocence

Screenwriter and author Carla Malden explains why young adult fiction and the '60s go hand-in-hand and how she connected with her main character's voice.


Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Talking About the Work-in-Progress

The Writer's Digest team has witnessed many writing mistakes over the years, so we started this series to help identify them for other writers (along with correction strategies). This week's writing mistake writers make is talking about the work-in-progress.


Greta K. Kelly: Publishing Is a Marathon

Debut author Greta K. Kelly reveals how the idea for her novel sparked and the biggest surprise of her publication journey.

Poetic Forms

Mistress Bradstreet Stanza: Poetic Forms

Poetic Form Fridays are made to share various poetic forms. This week, we look at the Mistress Bradstreet stanza, an invented form of John Berryman.


Capital vs. Capitol (Grammar Rules)

Learn when to use capital vs. capitol with Grammar Rules from the Writer's Digest editors, including a few examples of correct usages.


On Writing to Give Grief Meaning and Write Out of Challenging Situations

Author Lily Dulan explains why writers have to be willing to go to difficult places inside themselves for their writing to make a positive impact on ourselves, others, and the world.


Gerald Brandt: Toeing the Line Between Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Science fiction author Gerald Brandt explains how this new series explores the genre boundary and how he came to find his newest book's focus.


Plot Twist Story Prompts: Moment of Doubt

Every good story needs a nice (or not so nice) turn or two to keep it interesting. This week, have a character experience a moment of doubt.


Caitlin O'Connell: Finding Connection and Community in Animal Rituals

In this post, Dr. Caitlin O'Connell shares what prompted her to write a book about finding connection and community in animal rituals, what surprised her in the writing process, and much more!