Your Story 38 – Winners!

Prompt: Write the opening sentence to a story (25 words or fewer) based on the photo prompt to the left.Official Rules

Thanks to everyone for your votes. Here are the results of Your Story #38. The winners in ranking order are as follows:

1. The aging motel lay off the beaten path, looking lost and forgotten, much like the battered souls that dwelled within. (Mike Clarke)

2. She was right, the sign looked like a lollipop, and she was waiting naked on the bed – but she hadn’t mentioned she’d be dead. (Chip Houser)

3. There was nothing left in the rundown motel by sunrise but me, a suitcase filled with money and God—the dead don’t count. (Kendra Mims)

4. As I strolled into the worn-out motel after ten years of absence, the owner’s contentious face brought two words to my lips, “Hello, Father.” (Maria Lao)

5. Being back on Rt. 83 is so surreal; it’s been 17 years since my mother was murdered here…and 17 years since I killed her. (David Azzariti)

6. There it was, the blighted motel where my daughter’s killer was living, and where, if my aim stayed true, he would upgrade to hell. (Marie Anderson)

7. When you’ve just killed a man in cold blood, you can’t be too choosy about the motel you’re going to wash the blood off in. (Rollin Jewett)

8. The slamming of the hotel door reverberated throughout the dusty room and I began gnawing at the ropes that held me hostage in room 16. (Vanessa Frank)

9. Moving her prostitution business from her house to a hotel wasn’t exactly what Jen had in mind when she thought about climbing the corporate ladder. (Renee Meland)

10. Secluded in a cheap motel near Reno, I was half-heartedly trying to finish my languishing novel when gun shots exploded from the adjacent room. (Susan Stonitsch)

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13 thoughts on “Your Story 38 – Winners!

  1. Mauve_RainCloud

    Pooling together the money they earned the night before, the two friends found a temporary safe haven; each silently praying for a better tomorrow.

  2. megwritesstuff

    Oh, well, I’m not really sure what to say to that, but thanks! I’d like to say I put a lot of thought into it, but I didn’t. I also like to think I’m not pretentious, but I am human. 🙂

  3. megwritesstuff

    I had the same problem as others with the capcha code, so I submitted via email. Every time I tried to submit I’d get an error message stating that the entered code was incorrect. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.

    1. r.a.savary

      I just wanted to say I think your user name is Great! Probably says a lot about you. I like the simple, basic “stuff” in everybody, instead of all that pretensious crap….But that still doesn’t stop me from being pretensious, sometimes!

  4. Scott Francis Post author

    Hi all,

    Hopefully we’ve fixed the problem with the capcha code. Apologies for the trouble with last contest.

    As for questions about this one:

    – Yes, only one entry per person.
    – Yes, to find out if you win check the Your Story forum ( Winners will also be on this page, as well as in the magazine, when all is said and done.



  5. writesuccess

    I had the same problem as Jkail. Everytime I tried to submit I kept getting the prompt that the code was not correct. I tried multiple codes but, the same prompt kept appearing. I finally sent It via e-mail.

  6. Jkail

    Hey, I was one of those folks with issues on submitting. I sent in my submission via email so I should be all set. If it helps on your side any the point of problem I was having was with the security code. For what ever reason it did not accept any of the attempts to put it in. While I acknowledge there is certainly a chance of my own mistyping, the likelihood of it happening at such a frequency as my attempts is low. What is even stranger when I attempted to cut and paste the shown code (after several attempts of manually typing) the pasted code was the previous security code and not the one shown. My guess is that is where you will find the problem. Hope that helps.

  7. Scott Francis Post author

    Hi Everyone,

    Apologies for any difficulties with the submission form. We’re obviously having some folks who are still having difficulties.

    If you experience difficulties with the submission form please email your submission directly to us at this email address:

    Unfortunately we receive too many submissions to send out confirmation emails, so if you have any doubts if your submission went through, just email your submission to the above address. Thank you.

    1. Katherine

      Hey Scott,

      I just want to clarify (after reading the FAQs) that winners and finalists won’t be notified, either? I assume the only way to find out if we’ve won is to check the forums. This is fine, I just want to know where to keep an eye out.


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