Writer's Workbook: The 10-Minute Quiz

There’s more than one way to edit the sentences from the “Writer’s Workbook” 10-minute style workshop.
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There’s more than one way to edit the sentences from the “Writer’s Workbook” 10-minute style workshop. Below are Brandon Royal’s suggestions:

1. The hurricane destroyed almost all structures along the coastline.

2. Leadership can take place either by example or command. Alexander the Great is an example of a military leader who did both. Gandhi and Mother Teresa, on the other hand, led primarily by the power of inspiring personal example.

3. Employees should adhere to the company dress code.

4. There are many reasons for the disparity of wealth among the world’s nations.

5. Alcohol is a fine social lubricant.

6. In premodern times, inexperienced and ill-equipped practitioners often performed medical surgery.

7. Difficult course work and lower grades should not discourage students from pursuing new academic ventures.

8. All business students learn the basics of accounting, marketing and manufacturing.

9. Mr. and Mrs. Jones spend most of their time together, often laughing at each other’s jokes.

10. Today’s chief executives must be extremely well-rounded. They must not only be corporate and civic minded but also be internationally focused and entrepreneurially spirited.

For more ways to strengthen your writing style, check out Brandon Royal’s The Little Red Writing Book.


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