Put a Fork in Said Lit Paper Bc Said Lit Paper is, um...Completed

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5400 words, seven or eight random extra hits on the return button, some shifting around of the title, 4 or 7 block quotes and we've got ourselves a lit analysis, friends. A not so coherent, rambling, discursive, and potentially misleading lit analysis, but one all the same. And anyway, it's f-ing done. So we never have to talk about it again. Never!

I don't have anything left to share, because I'm mentally, physically, academically, socially and emotionally spent so i'll leave you with two things:

First, since I can't quite escape him, I'm dropping my favorite short, short David Foster Wallace-ism and then stick around after the commercial break for a special music video one of my friends just showed me that's absolutely burning up the charts in the UK.

Finally, tune in later this week as I drop the third installment of Life Changingly Awesome Queries.

So I guess technically that was three things. I'm sorry.

Please stop yelling.

Here we go.

1. David Foster Wallace (from Brief Interviews with Hideous Men):

A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life:

"When they were introduced, he made a witticism, hoping to be liked. She laughed extremely hard, hoping to be liked. Then each drove home alone, staring straight ahead, with the very same twist to their faces.

The man who'd introduced them didn't much like either of them, though he acted as if he did, anxious as he was to preserve good relations at all times. One never knew, after all, now did one now did one now did one."

Mmmm. Deep, huh?

2. And finally, as promised, here's baller Garth Marenghi's "I'm a One Track Lover". Note the undie-skins he rocks. So Raven.

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