Your Weekend Prompt: Behind the Curtain

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Hey writers,

Here’s to hoping your writing week treated you well. Attached below is a new prompt, if the creative urge so strikes you this Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Have an excellent weekend laden with scores of It is decidedly sos (or, Reply hazy, try agains, depending on your preference),


PROMPT:Behind the Curtain
In 500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring:

A fortune-teller rubs her glass orb and grabs your hand. She closes her eyes. She raises her head toward the sky and mumbles. Then, she bursts out laughing.


If your prompt stomach continues to groan, check out The Writer's Book Of Matches: 1001 Prompts To Ignite Your Fiction, which was penned by a few of my friends at WD (Alice Pope and Scott Francis, et al.). Alice, who I forced into an overblown logline, promises you'll be basking in a raging inferno of writing genius.