The Weird Week in Writing (plus prompt): Fitzgerald, one-hit wonder? Ghostbusters save libraries. The last typewriter.

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Freaky Friday—the latest from the weird and wonderful world of
writing this week (followed, as always, by a weekend prompt):

Literary Macarenas: One-hit wonders? A new way of looking at F. Scott Fitzgerald, J.D. Salinger, and others.

Who you gonna call? With the New York Public Library system staring down drastic budget cuts, the answer is simple: The Ghostbusters (as documented on film here).

Bobbi Brown, Kathie Lee Gifford, Tony Hawk and headliner Barbara Streisand: Yes, this is the Book Expo.

Bad Habits: "It would mean that everybody else who wanted to work in that room would flee." A writer is banned from New York’s Writers Room for using his typewriter.

“Bilbo ultimately plans to hand Frodo over to a motley band of people-traffickers, led by Gandalf, a stage hypnotist who convinces the unwary he's a wizard”:The Guardian suggests new sci-fi and fantasy mash-ups to break the horror adaptation mold.

Weapon of Mass Instruction:
Using a tank covered in books to bring peace through literature.

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