The Weird Week in Writing: Parents take Twilight to the next level, Tyra Banks banks on YA fantasy, and rejection letters amaze

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Freaky Friday—the latest from the weird and wonderful world of writing this week (followed, as always, by a weekend prompt):

“Dracula” is too old fashioned:Twilight-inspired monikers top the latest list of the most popular baby names in America.

Move over, Damon Wayans: Tyra Banks becomes the latest celebrity to score a book deal with three installments of the YA fantasy series Modelland. Expect Intoxibellas.

Breakfast at Truman’s: Now you can own legendary In Cold Blood scribe Truman Capote’s Brooklyn mansion. (For a slick 18 million.)

“I have a policy of not giving away locks of my hair”: Check out eight spectacularly odd missives from Bill Shapiro’s Other People’s Rejection Letters. (And we're curious: How do yours square up? What's the worst you've gotten?)

Read ‘em if you got ‘em: A German publisher has refurbed cigarette machines to satisfy cravings for local literature.

Victorian Justice: In this video, the Brontë Sisters Power Dolls take on the 19th-century Publishing Man. Complete with Super Disguise Mustaches. And boomerangs.

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